The Awkward Girls Guide to Enjoying Your Wedding: Part III

All this weddin' jazz?  It's over like (snap your finger) that.  Kind of crazy town.  Here are my thoughts on the aftermath.

1.  When you get back to your house after the weddin', it will probably look exactly as it did when you left it.  Clean clothes will still be stacked on your chair, paper from gifts will be strewn across the den, dishes will be piled high in the sink, there will be nothing in the fridge.  I have no idea who I thought would come clean my house while I was off being married; I guess I was being delusional in my thoughts that butterflies and blue jays would usher me into a spotless house. That didn't happen so Brandon and I just dropped our bags and went straight to the Crystal Grill.  

2.  People stop asking you if you need anything.  Or if they can get you a drink.  Or if you are OK.  I got real used to that.  You need something?  It just happens.  You want something?  You get it. Turns out, I don't hate being coddled.   

3. We are waiting to go on our honeymoon.  We will fly out on Friday and I am so freaking glad. After a big something, I require a lot of down time.  I would rank my weddin' day as a "big something." I might have flipped out if I would have had to pack for a weddin' weekend AND a honeymoon.  But you do whatever  you want.  

4.  It's OK to not embrace change easily.  I don't.  At all.  I've had a few "oh s**t I'm married" moments. I don't think this makes me a bad wife, I think it makes me me. I feel just as confident as ever that I love my mister and that he loves me and that we are committed to doing everything in our power to have a healthy, loving, and forever marriage.  I also feel a new bond growing, which is pretty cool.  But I did call Lindsey yesterday and tell her that she needed to find us some good music to go hear sometime soon because i was NOT loosing who I am just because I got married.  I'm not sure why I choose music to retain my sense of self, but you get my point.  I am kind of a me-monster.  But we covered this in premarital counseling, so it's not a surprise.  

5.  Dive into the building of the home together.  Me and Brandon (and Win) created ourselves a gallery wall last night.  We drank leftover wine from the rehearsal dinner, ordered Domino's pizza, and had ourselves a grand time.  

6.  The post weddin' acne will come. Like, come like you're in 7th grade.  Hey Napa, I have adult acne.  

7.  Something might have gone wrong at your weddin'.  And you might find out about it on Sunday.  But don't freak out (like I did).  Do what you can, complain to your friends, move past it.  

8.  Go ye forth and enjoy your life of contentment and togetherness with you mister (or misses).  During our ceremony, Father Matt quoted the Indigo Girl's Power of Two.  He said: "so we're OK, we're fine baby I'm here to stop your crying." And then he wished us a life of contentment so joyful that it was awesome.  Maybe he didn't say exactly that, but it was something close.  And perfect.   

I hope you've enjoyed reading these little entries as much as I've enjoyed writing them.  Thanks for joining me on the ride, your recommendations to long and happy marriages are welcomed and encouraged.  


  1. No, ghi, you are definitely not "loosing" yourself....most specifically, you are not losing your status as the world's worst speller. LOVE YOU and am on the music thang. Can't wait to hang with my MARRIED sista again soon!!

  2. i also cling to my music as part of my identity. it is! you are bdawg are going to have such a great time on your trip. i can't wait to hear about it! i'm glad to know that "oh sh!t, i'm married" feeling is normal. i already feel like that occasionally! don't know what you realized sunday, but i didn't notice it!