The McCalebs Go To Napa

One of the reasons that I love a blog is that it's like a modern day slide show.  My little corner of the blog world not only helps me archive recipes, but it also is a place to remember important times in me life.  Just in case anyone was curious, here's a post of some of the highlights of mine and Brandon's honeymoon.  In true nerd fashion, I wrote everything down that we did in my little moleskin / travel journal.  Anyone heading out to Napa anytime soon, hope this helps! 

BTW, if my huge camera and confused look didn't give blow my tourist cover, I'm sure that me furiously scribbling in a small black book did.  As Brandon and I kept saying to each other, "We'll never see these folks again." Care.


Fume Bistro was a restaurant right across from our hotel.  The guy at the front desk recomended we go there and I'm glad we did.  We sat at the bar, drank good wine, and had a lovely assortment of apps and small plates.  Maybe those small plates involved pizza and macaroni and cheese.  Maybe they didn't, I don't know. 

Bouchon Bakery was quite the hit, their Lemon poppyseed muffins were out of this world.  We ate outside; a fat bird made eyes at me the whole time.  I think he wanted my muffin...

Hey there, grapes.

The first winery that we visited was Rambeuer.  The wine was delightful and all went well until the guy giving the tasting invormed Brandon that his Viking stove was broken.  We had a good chuckle, bought a bottle of wine, and got out of there to enjoy the view.   

We left Rombauer and, of course, got a little lost.  Well.  It was like devine intervention when a sign for Frog's Leap lept (sorry) out at us.  Brandon exclaimed that he would like to give it a visit and whipped the cherry red push button start Altima around. 

It was such a great tasting.  The view was lovely and they gave you snacks.  This made me a happy, happy gal.  And don't get me started on the wine...it's my new fave.  The sauvignon blanc really blew my skirt up.  If you ever want to buy me a present....

For lunch we stopped off at Gott's Roadside.  This used to be Taylor's Refresher and lots of people recomend it.  And for good reason.  Their milk shakes are legit and the burgers are perfect after a morning of wine tasting.  While we were there, a pack of people stumbled up dressed in full out tacky Christmas gear.  They were doing a themed wine tasting tour and I was extremely jealous.  Next time...  

We spent some time exploring the city of Napa.  We had Mimosas at The Kitchen Door and beers at Norman Rose.  Dinner out took us to Yountville where we had drinks at Hurley's and Bottega.  Bottega was super cool because they had a huge fire place, lots of heaters, couches, and blankets.  For a girl that spends 98% of her time freezing, I was pretty jazzed. 

The main reason of our going to Yountville was to eat dinner at Bouchon.  My wonderful friends in Greenwood treated us to dinner here, it was such a great time.  And of course, our server was born in Meridian lived in Indianola for 3 years.  How's that for small world??  His name was Garrett, he was awesome. 

Moving on.  I was given my first glass of Rose by an enthusiastic Steelers fan.  So that was nice.  But nicest was the food.  It was all perfection. 

Let's talk about breakfast.  ABC Bakery in Napa was worthy of a roof raise.  See Brandon's lemon riccota pancakes and my breakfast burrito.  Pretty awesome.  Oh, how I love breakfast. 

We waddled away from breakfast and went to Cakebread for a tour and tasting.  It was great, you should go.  It was super infomative and the wine is where it's at.  Here we are in front of some barrels.   

And here are the Cakebread grapes.  And some misty mountains. 

We had a late lunch, early supper back at the Herman Rose.  We split a burger and some fries and were very happy.  This was Sunday afternoon and we were able to watch some football at the bar.  Who doesn't love burgers and football?  It was also fun chatting with the locals; I love to chat with a local.   

Our last night in Napa was spent at the movie theater.  Is this strage?  No, it's not.  Brandon loves a movie, any movie, and I love to not be sluggish when traveling accross the state of California.  It was the perfect end to the first leg of our journey.   

Stay tuned for the second leg!

**Disclaimer.  I can't get the spellcheck to work so hopefully that wasn't too painful for you.


  1. y'all are too cute. i also carry a small notebook, and that's how i got ani difranco's autograph, so take that, cool kids!

  2. This honeymoon looks fabulous. And those fries make me want to cry.

    Congratulations on everything -- wedding, marriage, new phase of life. Looking forward to more Decorating the Elevator married style.

    I loved your wedding advice post series. Wish I had had that info when I got married. I did not throw the bouquet at my wedding either. Sometimes I regret that, but hearing that you didn't do it makes me feel better. Like I'm not alone.