Pack Ya Bags, 2012 Is Comin'

People get pretty buck about New Years.  Not talking about the partying and such, really, more about how they view it.  Resolutions are stupid vs. resolutions are awesome; the holiday is stupid vs. the holiday is awesome...you with me? 

I've been on both sides, I guess.  There's a lot of pressure to have fun tonight, so that's a little ridiculous, but I am looking forward to it, so who knows.  And as far of the resolutions?  I've had good luck and bad luck with them, so there you go.  With that being said, I am at my core a girl that l-o-v-e-s to set a goal.  Maybe I don't always meet them, but I love to set them.  And make them measurable and attainable.  So here's a portion of my list, in no particular order. 

1.  Travel More 
I got bit by the travel bug on our honeymoon.  Brandon and I had a pretty serious discussion about how since we live in a small town, we must get out and travel more.  Not just big trips, but more weekend trips, too. Maybe we'll come to visit you. 

2.  Think more positively. Where your thoughts go, you go.   
As a therapist, I practice mainly from a cognitive behavioral perspective.  It's direct, it gives you the power to make changes, it makes sense.  It's not easy, especially if you are more of a half empty kind of gal, but it's possible.  And it makes you nicer.   

3.  Read more for pleasure.
I tackled Gone With the Wind this year.  Whew, it was really intense.  But it re-sparked my love of reading and got me jazzed about doing more of it.  Thank heavens for Turnrow and their awesome recommendations.  

4.  Run a half marathon.
As I wait for my computer to quit acting like an a-hole, I've been checking out what kind of schedule I need to be on to make this happen.  Since I took off so much exercise time during the holidays, I've really got to book it to make this happen.  Pray that I don't get plagued by the lazies.  Country Music Half Marathon...I'll see you in April!

5.  See more live music.
Don't have specific plans for this yet, I'm open for suggestions!  If anyone has any connections with The Mountain Goats or Patty Griffin, I'd love for that to work out. 

6.  Appreciate what is in front of me.
Speaking of Gone With the Wind, Scarlett didn't do that.  And she kind of lost everything. 

7.  Get re-inspired by my career.
Not just my specific job but get re-inspired about being a member of the helping profession. 

8.  Focus more on being healthy / eating healthy food and less on weight.
This is a constant struggle for me as I love food that is bad for me.  I'm hoping to become a master hearty salad maker and maybe even tackle my fear of fish. 

9.  Have more people over for supper. 
Who doesn't love a dinner party? 

10.  Get better with my camera.
I love pictures.  Always have.  I've had my camera since the summer and hope to develop a better understanding of how to use it.  I'd also like to get better at taking pictures of people living their life, doing their thing.  So if you see me lurking around with my camera, just ignore me.  I'm practicing. 

11.  Dance.
I love to dance.  I'd like to join a dance troupe of sorts but until then will settle for Zumba and impromptu dance parties at Websters.

12.  Unplug.
I love technology and social media but could probably benefit from doing less of it. It can kind of make you crazy, if you think about it.  I'm just such an over sharer.  Like right now...I'm over sharing.  Moving on. 

13.  Create more
Sew, garden, you know...stuff like that.  Hell, I might start painting.  Jokes.  I'll stick to fabric.


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  1. happy new year! we'd love to have y'all for dinner sometime.