2012 Mississippi PACE Auction

I am a social worker.  

Specifically, I am a licensed certified social worker.  This means that I am licensed by the state of Mississippi to practice clinical social work.  Clinical social work is defined by the MS Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists as..

"the application of social work methods and values in diagnosis and treatment and prevention of psychosocial dysfunction disability or impairment including emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders. It is directed at enhancing, protecting, or restoring people’s capacity for social functioning, whether impaired by physical, environmental, or emotional factors.  Clinical social work has a primary focus on the mental, emotional and behavioral well being of individuals, couples, families and groups.  It centers on a holistic approach to psychotherapy and the client’s relationship with his or her environment as essential to treatment planning." source

All social workers in Mississippi have to be licensed to practice, meaning that they've met the requirements to obtain and keep said license.  This, friends, is a good thing. It's like how you want your anesthesiologist to have been schooled in putting people to sleep.  

One of the ways that we as a profession are able to protect our license is by working closely with legislators that understand the benefits of trained professionals providing professional services.  But it's not just protecting our license that we work on.  Oh, no.  We, as social workers, actually work pretty closely with the folks in Jackson and DC a lot, making sure that bills and laws that can impact the population that we serve are given the attention they need.  We aren't as big as like, say, Pfizer, but we can make a little noise if need be.  

Okay, stay with me, I'm getting to my point.  

So one of the ways that we make our noise is with PACE.  PACE (Political Action for Candidate Election) is the political action arm of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and works to endorse and financially contribute to candidates from any party that support NASW's policy agenda.  Each year, the Mississippi chapter of NASW holds a silent auction at our annual meeting to raise money to donate to PACE.  Yours truly, along with office mate Ginny, are in charge of the auction and hoping to make this year the most rockin' yet.  It's not until March, you've got plenty of time...  

This is where YOU come in!  Donations (cool ones, not crappy ones) are needed and greatly appreciated!  Art, jewelry, books, music, photography, handmade items, gift certificates...you name it!  The more of a selection we have, the better! If you yourself aren't the creating type, you could just buy something awesome and donate it...that totally works too.  My mom did that once with a McCarty bowl and there was almost a brawl when the bidding came to an end.  

Mull it over and contact me with any questions!

Thanks for reading!

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