A Few on Friday

Hey and happy Friday!  Hope this post finds you relaxed and happy and well.  

This week has been my first five day work week in quite some time.  While it's felt long, I'm grateful for my job.  Aaaand a long week makes the weekend that much more awesome.

This week, in honor of my attempt to read more for pleasure, I've been checking out some online articles to both stimulate my sluggish brain and pass the time.  These are some that I thought were pretty cool: 

The Will and Ways of Hope

Is Facebook Making Us Miserable?

How To Beat the Post Holiday Blues

New Years Resolutions That Aren't Loosing Weight

The ADHD Drug Shortage: Can Meditation Fill the Gap? (for my ADD husband)

I love me some Huffington Post.  

If you're looking for something to listen to, listen to this!  It's radio station out of Philadelphia that does live streaming.  Good stuff.  So far I've been jamming to the WXPN Station.  But I bet they're all good.


Discovery of this station is one of the good things about the Facebook.  While it's not making us miserable, it's giving us awesome information, like good music sources and who's having what for the soup of the day.

Soup.  Yum. I'm making some this weekend . Italian meatball to be exact.  Double yum.


So. Confession time.  I just watched a you tube video on how to tie dye t shirts.  I can't tell you why, and I also can't tell you why i thought a video was necessary for such a simple task, all I can tell you is that it happened.  And that you should research this topic on you tube because the videos and kind of amazing and hilarious.  

Go on, you'll thank me later. 

Have a great weekend!!


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