A Few on Friday

Hola! Happy Friday!  

I am on a mission.  A mission to find an external hard drive.  Last night while perusing Pinterest, my computer threw some sort of a fit.  The screen turned blue, it gave me a cryptic message, and turned it's self off.  After staring at a blank screen with really wide eyes for a little bit, I turned it back on and googled "external hard drive."  

I've got way to much music on this beast to see it all just disappear.  That is not happening.  

46 seconds into my search for an external hard drive, I realized that I know absolutely nothing about external hard drives.  Can you help?  Do you have one?  People, give me your knowledge.  And pray that this beast of a lap top makes it just a few more months.  I got shizz to do.  

I've been getting back into cooking WW friendly meals this week; I must say that I've enjoyed it.  What I've enjoyed the most though is actually cooking and prepping with supplies that do not suck.  Like knives and flexible measuring cups and pretty blue Le Creuset. Unfortunately, word on the street is that the fine folks at Le Creuset are discontinuing Cobalt blue.  This is all fine and good except it's the color that I chose for my Le Creuset.  Rude. 

This explains the awesome prices. Oh, how I love the 8 qt stockpot.  It's so deep, it's like a tunnel of goodness when you make soup.  

Oh, well.  Life has ups and downs.  And if Le Creuset discontinuing their cobalt line is my biggest down of the day, I think I'll make it.  

And I think I'll make this:  

find it here

Yes, that's a WW friendly chocolate chip buttermilk scone.  That Gina.  She knows what's up.  I bet she has a light box

And she probably has good art.  I don't know this, just guessing.  She's fly in every other way, only makes sense that Gina would have good art.  I like this artist...

find it here

Lulie Wallace is an artist that I saw on some blog, I'm in love with her colors!  So happy.  There's a space on our dining room wall that is in some dire need for some color.  I think this would be awesome!

OK so far today I'm needing an external hard drive, a new computer, all of the cobalt blue le creuset I can find, and art.     Something tells me that the small check I'm about to deposit from counseling folks on the side is not going to cut it.  Looks like I'll be starting some jars.  

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  I'm venturing to Starkville to celebrate Chickey's birthday, visit with family, attend a keg party, and go for a run.  Not necessarily in that order.  I'm going for 4 miles on MSU's campus...trying to get some hills in.  Pray for me.  


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  1. emile got me this one in red, 500 MB: http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-FreeAgent-Ultra-Portable-External-STAA500100/dp/B003BLQHN4

    i was like carrie on satc about backing up before.

    also, itunes has a program called icloud that will allow you to re-download anything you have that they can match. even things you didn't buy from them, as long as they have it.