A Few on Friday


Hope you're having a happy Friday afternoon.  I'm enjoying my view of the blue sky, eating a PB and J sandwich, and putting off paper work.  

Tisk, tisk.  

How stinkin' cute is this?  I would probably often gravitate to the "I could eat a horse" portion.  Because let's face it, most of the time I could eat a horse.  Watch for me on Man vs. Food. 

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On a related topic, at subway this week, the Brandon reminded me of that time that I ate a whole cheese cake by myself.  This was pre-weight watchers.  It was not a proud moment, but one where I realized where the boy was in it for the long haul.

My ravenous appetite is not something that I worry about.  I've let it go and am glad that I did!  

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Happy weekend to all! I'm looking forward to fire pit, soup, and wine tonight and then a baby shower tomorrow night. I've got two more projects to finish before I go, hoping to have some time in the sunlight this afternoon.  

Here is sweet, pregnant Clare right before my wedding.  She was one of the three girls in the wedding with child.  Can't wait to shower her and Blake with love and gifts and really good food...

She is going to absolutely rock parent hood.  Leah appears to be and I'm pretty sure Kathryn is going to rock it as well.  So being pregnant at my wedding directly correlates your awesomeness as a parent.  

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