Greek Salad at My Desk

I've been lovin' up on some salads lately,  especially ones that are Greek in nature.  I love them with a sandwich, a burrito, a cup of soup.  I love them with straight veggies, I love them with chicken.  I love them the most when someone else makes them for me.  I love them the double most when Chickey brings them to me from Nola in Indianola.  

I could go on like this for a while.  

Luckily, with a little preparedness and planning, I can enjoy a mini Greek salad on the cheap at my desk.  

You should join me for lunch at my desk sometime, it really is fun.  

Simple Greek Salad

baby spinach leaves, washed
1 tbl Kraft Greek vinaigrette dressing (2pp)
1 tbl crumbled feta cheese (1pp)
1 tbl chopped kalamata olives
cherry tomatoes (the super sweet ones that taste like candy!)

Serving size whole salad
Points plus 3 

When I'm making this to take to work, I get a Tupperware bowl and layer the dressing on the bottom, then top it with everything else.  I give it a good shake right before I'm ready to eat it to mix the dressing all over everything.  

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