My Small Appliance Love

You know what makes my life easier?  


A kitchen scale.  Especially a fancy one.  

Enter one of my most favorite wedding gifts: 

This is a Cuisinart precision chef bowl electronic kitchen scale. You can find one here.  I love it!  Like seriously.  I know you might think it's hard to have such strong feelings towards a small kitchen appliance but I do.  I also love the dust buster we got but that's a whole other post.   

The above picture went down Wednesday morning as I was about to scamper out my door.  The cupboard was borderline bare, save some almonds and a few bananas.  Breakfast was looking bleak.  

Was.  Was looking bleak.  Until I remembered that the only reason I never ate almonds because if how tricky they are to measure out; that's not an issue with the trusty kitchen scale. 

Doesn't make the point value go down but it does make it easier to measure out. 

A kitchen scale also improves  your odds at getting an accurate serving size of deli turkey. So there you go. 

And here you go...

Hope your Thursday is chill.  

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