Small Treasures

In the last week or so, the decorating of our sweet little rental house has been on. Like donkey kong. 

I'm always saying "I want more art!  I want more art!", neglecting to realize that we have some pretty sweet treasures already. 

Sweet treasures and small treasures. There's lots of gallery walls and groupings of things, uneven and leaning, but happy. Almost everything hanging right now has some sort of meaning attached to it, and I like that. 

Here is a grouping of shots from our wedding.  Yes, we are the size of my forearm.  I measured. 

Here's a wedding gift from some close family friends.  The colors make me happy and the details of the frame are lovely. 

Here's an old favorite.  This is a shot of Sangria that Brandon made for a party a few years ago.  It was rescued from a closet where it was suffering from a broken frame.  The picture was suffering from a broken frame, not the sangria.  Just in case you were confused.  

Here's a group of favorites.  This wall has a gangsta' lean situation going on.  I think it gives it character.  Top from left to right:  a drawing by Brandon's friend Rainey Mills, a picture of the Cotton Row in Greenwood, a fawggy bridge that Brandon gave me for Christmas.  Bottom left to right:  a picture that my grandmother gave me of one of the places we visited on our trip to Europe, a cool print of our fair state, a drawing of Wrigley Field given to us by Brandon's cousin who actually took us to a Cub's game a few years ago.  

A painting by Mary Neff. Happy colors!

A collection of pictures that I took on our honeymoon.  Fun to walk by them everyday and remember how great it was!

A simple reminder...

A gift from Brandon when we first started dating...

I'm starting the process of looking for two large pieces, one for our dining room and one for our bedroom.  Fingers crossed that I find something painted by a starving artist who is trying to get their name out there and is pretty much giving away their work.  And then they'll get super famous one day and I'll have one of the original pieces.  So if you fit that description.....

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