Tie Dye for Baby Moore

What do you do when your Phish loving best friend is having a baby?  Well, you tie dye day gowns.  Obvi.  

And you don't just settle for that kit from Wal Mart.  Well maybe you would have if they would have had it.  But they didn't so you don't settle.  Instead, you go to this website and purchase a kit complete with squirt bottles and protective face coverings. 

And then you feel pretty legit.  

So legit, in fact, that you think you are above wearing the gloves when you apply the dye.  But no one is that legit so you learn your lesson.  

But it's all OK because later on your friend that loves to keep her hands busy and do things rinses it out for you...

And then you have the perfect gift to present to that Phish lovin' friend and her I-know-he-or-she-will-be-adorable baby. 

And ya'll I've got LOTS of this stuff left.  Let me know if you need anything tie dyed and I will hook you up.  


1 comment:

  1. Can I place an order for an adult M tie dye por favor?!? You can send it along with the tofee squares in my next care package...