A Coffee Bar

I still think it's strange to help host a baby shower.  I guess it's because sometimes, I think I'm 23 and not 29.8.  And counting.  Hey 30...I got my eye on you.   

But I can say this....my motley crew of friends and I have come a long way since hosting our first baby shower for my friend Emily.  At hers, the hostesses got into the Firefly Vodka about an hour before the shower kicked off.  By the time the shower started, we kept forgetting to refill the food trays and spent most of our time in the kitchen, gossiping.  Emily had to come get us more than once, glaring and wondering why on earth her friends were such rats. 

Fast forward a few years (probably a lifetime in emotional years) and here we are at the most recent baby shower.  We came together to celebrate my good friend and ex-roomie Kathryn and her soon to be born baby boy, Hobson.  

It was a lovely day for a brunch.  Cold as the devil, but lovely.  There were do-nut holes from Shipley's, crispy bacon, sausage balls, petit fours, and all other sorts of yummy bites.  There was also a coffee bar, which was where I threw most of my energy.  

A coffee bar was suggested after Kathryn was beyond fired up about the one at mine and Brandon's hometown wedding brunch.  I emailed the person in charge of mine and got to planning.  

For anyone throwing a party / shower / post-night-out gossip session, a coffe bar is a pretty cool thing to do.  There are tons of different ways to do it and it's a great way to use those odd size serving pieces that you never get to use.  

It's like Starbucks.  In your den.  Minus all the stress that goes along with trying to figure out the correct language to use when ordering.  

Venti?  What? Can I just have a medium? 

Here's how it all went down:

Half and Half
Caramel flavoring
French Vanilla coffee mate
Truvia Packets
Sugar in the Raw
Whipped cream (Homemade, by Win's mom.  Thanks, Ellen.  We're not sure what we would do without you. Seriously.)
Chocolate Morsels
White Chocolate Morsels
Coffee Stirrers
Small dessert spoons
Various coffee cups
Stuff to make tags so that people know what's up  

A few things were borrowed.  For example, I don't own shot glass looking coffee cups, teacups, or a coffee urn.  But it's all about making it work and using your resources, right? And luckily, people in my life own these things.  People in your life probably own them, too. 

So there you go!  Go ye forth and create your coffee bar!  And tell me how it went... 

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