DIY Thank You Notes

I'm a girl that's on a budget.  I'm also a girl that really doesn't get real caught up in details.  It's my belief that these two qualities make me a perfect match for DIY projects.  Not necessarily someone else's DIY projects, but my own DIY projects for sure.  

Last week, Mary Straton made my day when she "pinned" this tutorial on do it yourself calligraphy.  It's genius.  And fun. And led to me practicing my handwriting for about 2 hours over the weekend. It felt very 1st grade. 

Ok stay with me, I'm going to pull all of this together.  I'm still in the midst of writing thank you notes for wedding gifts. Well, maybe I'm not "in the midst" because I've come to a dead stand still.  Not because I don't want to write them, oh no.  But because I've run out of stationary to write them on.  I've been trying to decide on what to get. I want something different, but still nice, and something that Brandon and I can both use. What to do? 

Lightening struck when I remembered that you can get a pack of 20 cream fold over note cards for 3 dollars at the Wal Mart.  Sweet!  I picked some up, along with a black precise V7 rolling ball pen, and got to work.   

Not to shabby!  20 note cards for around 3$.  Now there's no excuse not to get to work on thanking people!