A Few on Friday

Hey there!  Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is looking forward to an even more wonderful-er weekend.  

I enjoy making up words. 

I also enjoy thinking about what it will be like when that man room is finished.  I've found a tutorial on recovering the ottoman and am absolutely looking forward to wielding an upholstery needle.  I'm hoping to use these fabrics:

find fabrics here 

I'm still hunting a third fabric for an accent pillow; heading to Jackson next week so I'm going to do some recon work then.  Thanks to all who gave me feedback.  It was much appreciated!  Brandon was a little unsure on that top fabric but was able to be swayed with some eye batting. And perhaps some mild food stomping.   

Did you know that "upholstery" is a very difficult word to spell?  It is.  It really is.   
I'm going to go ahead and jump on the Tom's Ballet Flats band wagon.  Heck, might as well.  They are just adorable, I'll take these:

find them here.

Let's be real.  Who doesn't love a good flat?  Priceless.  I've been wearing my current ones for 2 years now and they have just about had it.  As in like hole in the side had it.  They done. 

And I'm done.  With planning aps for the super bowl.  I'm going to try my hand at this and this and bringing back this. Pretty jazzed, not going to lie. 

Hope your day is awesome!  And that your head doesn't get to wet!

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  1. Love those fabrics...I have both of them in a room in my house. Premier fabrics are so great.