A Few on Friday

What up?  Happy Friday.  Hope you are having a nice afternoon so far.  I feel like I've been catapulted through the morning and into early afternoon.  But I'm not complaining, just delivering facts.  

Here are a few more facts...

I've recently added Psychology Today to my google reader.  It's quite the treat, as it's full of tons of tidbits related to mental health, dynamics, crazy-town, etc. On Thursday, this was one of the featured articles. I almost didn't read it;  the "6 Steps to Happiness" title seemed a little hokey to me.  Boy, oh boy I'm glad I did!  It turned out the article was all about mindfulness.  Mindfulness, now, is my favorite. Along with peace and hope.

So just in case you don't hit that link up there and check the article out, here are the six steps in quick and dirty form...

1.  Unselconsciousness
2.  Savoring
3.  Breathe
4.  Flow
5.  Acceptance
6.  Engagement  

Pretty legit stuff.  So far in my mindfulness practice, I've noticed a small ditch on my way to work and some blackbirds.  Neither of these may sound life altering to you but I think it's a nice start.  

Another mindfulness related tidbit:  I'm practicing mindfulness as we speak as I accept my feelings of disappointment related to my burned lean cuisine and redirecting my energies to something else.   Like.....

This pretty picture!

find it here 

I'm looking forward to a pretty planter on our doorstep come spring...there are so many good ideas out there! Can't wait to get a pop 'o color up in front of our white house.  Not the white house, mind you, but our white house. But I'm sure that you were confused by that so I wanted to clear that up.  

Another fact: 

It's going to rain around here so much tomorrow that you might need a boat. This is going to make our yard look even skankier than it does now.  What is it with winter rain and a skanky yard?  Is that just us?  I wonder how that pretty planter is going to look in a skanky yard. And I wonder if my mom is horrified with how many times I used the word "skanky" in one paragraph.  She's not studying me, she's moving.  

A final fact:  I like this new Jack White song. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Keep it real and awesome.  

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