Packing Up Plantation

I went home to Greenville Saturday to help my mom pack up her house.  After living there for almost 20 years, she's gathering her belongings and moving on.  I'm grateful that I was able to spend the day digging through things and reliving old memories. Some of them were sweet, some of them made me bow my head and thank God for all the times I didn't get what I asked for.  For real.  

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Thousands and thousands of meals were cooked in these pots and pans. 

Pretty, old things that I never remember noticing but yet are so familiar to me. 

Chickey and Mom's picture for the church directory.  Loves it. 

The high school and college memories were something else.  Here are some signs that Leah made; I'm guessing during our Freshman year at MSU.  There were also 458 hallmark cards from Lindsey, a few posters from when I was involved in an anti-war protest, and a drumstick.  I've been through a lot, like a whole lot, of different stages.  This was a fun, yet slightly embarrassing ride through all of them. 

My sweat shirt from my short lived career as a soccer star.  We were the "Soccer Rockers" and our coach made us these awesome accessories for our uniforms.  Our team actually won the state championships this year; a large majority of the girls would go on to play soccer in high school and college.  I use "our team" loosely as my main role was goal keeper / dancer.  I didn't see a lot of action but I sure did enjoy myself.  Team sports were never my thing...

Every once and a while mom would wonder back with some treasure like these poinsettia spoons and say "Does anyone want these?" It's amazing the stuff you accumulate...

Many of the things that I found reminded me that I've always had an inappropriate emotional response to most situations. Case in point...check out my responses to receiving a pink sweat suit for Christmas.  But in my defense, this was the year that we also got the set of wigs, and maybe even the dog, so it was kind of an emotional roller coaster for everyone. 

It wasn't all old memories. I worked with Alex on improving her photography skills.  She LOVES to grab the big camera, which makes everyone pretty nervous.  But she cooperates when you put the strap around her neck and help her shoot.  The look on her face when you show her the picture is pretty cool. She might think it's magic.  OR she might completely understand the functioning of a DSLR camera; she's possibly smarter than me.  

Here's the little darling, being darling. 

While packing up your Greenville home, you must have Greenville food.  Gino's for everyone!

Well, everyone except for Mom and MK.  Mom is such a dainty eater and MK is not quite ready for cheese burgers. 

But she is ready for crawling....

And Alex is NOT ready to throw caution to the wind and color in a different spot of the paper or just let the paper land how it may.  

Pictures are my favorite.  I spent a lot of the day sorting through them...throwing away ones that didn't matter and storing ones that did.  I love finding pictures like this one of my parents on the honeymoon.  I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure they are slamming hurricanes at Pat O's. 

Alex sat with me while I went through a lot of them.  She got pretty good at identifying who was who; she did get confused on some of them because she is an exact replica of my sister / her mom when she was little. She kept saying that they were her.  And she kept saying that pictures of our old dog, Foxey, were of her dog, Carter.  There was absolutely no changing her mind on that one. 

Showing mom the goods...

We took silly pictures when we got bored....

Played with the silver...

Read old books that we found. No, I'm not drunk.  I just look it.  

Mom found this box of treasure hidden deep in a closet...Dad's old record collection.  I wanted to steal it and keep it for my self but instead decided to be the nice daughter that I am and take it to him. He was pretty jazzed...

I get a little pang when I think about leaving that house.  If I were to compare it to a country music song, I'd have to go with Miranda Lambert's "The House that Built Me."  Obviously. 

It was a good house, kept us warm and safe and happy while being the stage for many awesome memories.  Places have power; so do certain things.  It's made me look at my own space differently.  For example...that huge fat head size picture of me and Brandon from our wedding day?  Our kids (assuming we'll have them) will totally fight over that one day, if for no other reason that to make fun of us and what we wore.  

I'm grateful for the memories that I have and for the memories that I'm making.  Here's to the next chapter! 


  1. Awe! I remember drinking Kool-Aid at your house in those cups at the top!

  2. ah memories. you're right...places do have power. it's amazing all the nostalgia that moving out stirs up.

  3. I just teared up reading this...So many memories in that home! Great post ghi.