All You Really Need Is a Sandwich

Sometimes, all you need is a sandwich.  Or rather, sometimes all I need is a sandwich.  I'll just speak for myself.  Don't want to be putting words in your mouth.  

So yeah.  A few weeks ago we had sandwich night at Chateau de McCaleb.  It was pretty sweet.  Not like awwww sweet but more like gnarly sweet.  

You missed me while I was on blog spring break, didn't you?  


So this sandwich could be any sandwich.  That's the glory of the sandwich, the creative possibilities are endless.  Here's how this one went down....

2 1/2 oz ciabatta bread, cut into two slices
2 slices of turkey bacon cooked crispy
1 oz grated pepper jack cheese
1 2/4 oz cooked chicken breast, chopped
1 tsp ranch dressing 
fresh spinach 

Preheat panini press if you're using one. 

On one piece of bread, layer the chicken, the bacon, the cheese, and the spinach.  On the other piece of bread, spread out the ranch dressing.  

Put the ranch piece atop all of the other stuff.  Cook on the panini press (or in a skillet with something smooshing it down) until it has reached the level of meltiness and crispiness that you want.  

Makes one serving
Points plus 12

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