Burrito por Uno

You didn't know the Elevator was bilingual did you?  

Or maybe not.  Maybe I made a D in both Spanish I and Spanish II.  Maybe you have to actually go to class in order to be successful.  Maybe I thought that watching Passions when I should have been in class would help me to learn Spanish.  

Theresa spoke Spanish, after all.  

Lots of maybes up in this post.  But there's no maybe involved in this burrito.  It's awesome.  It's not maybe awesome, it's just legit awesome.  

I've made it several days in a row, switching up 0 point additions as I have felt led.  Even made one up in the morning time, wrapped it up in foil, and carried it to work.  Good stuff, this burrito por uno.  

Burrito por Uno
adapted from Naturally Ella 

1 low carb tortilla (2 pp or less)
2 tbl of guacamole
1 tbl of reduced fat sour cream
1/4 cup of black beans
1/4 cup of cooked brown rice
1 tbl of reduced fat Mexican style cheese
salsa, tomatoes, green onions,

Layer all ingredients in the tortilla.  Wrap it up.  Carefully, it's gonna be stuffed as a tick.  

Cook it until all ingredients are warmed and cheese is melted.  I've done this with a panini press, in a skillet, and in the microwave. The press and the skillet give it a nice crispiness to it, but the microwave works just fine, too. 

Makes one serving
Points plus 8 


  1. Don't forget the classic WS Destinos! :)

  2. Just so you know. I will be stalking you from now on!! I made your tacos last night and having your massive taco salad for lunch. Can't wait!

  3. omg I can't believe you actually reminded me that Passions did in fact exist.