A Few on Friday

Hey party people!  Happy Friday!  Hope you're having a good day so far and aren't getting blown away by any sort of storm.

Today is my sisters birthday. Happy Birthday Jennifer!!  Ya'll give her a shoutout, at least in your head.  She's going to Doe's tonight!  Which is not a bad way to spend your birthday. I mean, I wouldn't complain.

Happy Birthday to you!  I'll see you Saturday and will try really really really hard to not forget the dress I'm supposed to bring you!

So I'm taking a little photography class.  Part of it was Tuesday night, the other part will be on Sunday afternoon.  It's been pretty cool; I feel like I'm learning a lot!  But what I can't wrap my brain around is shutter speed.  The faucet example, the one one hundredths of a second thing...I just don't get it.  

I'm starting to understand what it does and why one would use it, just not sure how to make it do it on command.  I plan on, of course, begging you fine people for any advice that you have and studying up on these sites:

Understanding the relationship between your shutter speed and your aperture

Shutter speed chart

And maybe watching some of these videos on the youtube.   

My goal is here is not to become a profession photographer but to completely understand the functions of this beast of a camera.  

And if anyone would like to get me a gift related to honing these skills, I would like a tripod and a polarized filter.  And a light box.  But I'm going to make that light box one day.  I just don't think I can make a polarized filter or a tripod.  I mean maybe, but probably not.  


In other creative news, I finally ordered that fabric for that man room.  Or more accurately, I ordered 2/3 of the fabric for that man room. The jury is still out on a fabric for the chair pillow, I figured I'd get stuff in there and then decide.  If anyone has forgotten, we're going with this:

aaaaaand this:

And I'm pleased to learn that these aren't expensive. Bring on the crafts!!  Now we just have to find a rug and that third fabric and we'll be golden.  And you can all come over for dips in the man room. 

But you'll have to bring a man, so that it can stay the man room.  It doesn't have to be your man, any man will do.  And the dips will have to be manly dips.  And there will probably be dark beer involved. 

Manly dips are things like rotel with hamburger meat in it. I guess.  I just made that up.  

I actually have no idea what I'm talking about.  


Have a great weekend!! 

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  1. Carly has a recipe for a dip that is called "Man Dip" that I think you should make for your Man room. I think it simply involves cream cheese and hot sausage. You just cook the sausage & then mix it up with a block of cream cheese, then serve with Fritos. And it is heavenly. I have commented 2 days in a row! Holla! Headed to Clarksdale today- woohoo!