A Few on Friday

For starters, why don't you head on over to this website and make a small donation to St. Jude?   Awesome, thanks.  You're the bomb.  I'll buy you a coke next time I see you.  

So happy Friday!  It's a beautiful day outside, and I've got a cup of awesome ice in the freezer just waiting for an afternoon coke heavy.  Life is good, ya'll.  Life is real good.  

Heading down to Jackson-town tomorrow for the St. Patty's Parade.  Pretty jazzed about this!  And hoping to find a minute before I go to put together some sort of puffy-painting top to wear with my green polka dotted skirt.  When in Rome, ya know? While I'm there, I'm hoping to do a little spring shopping.  I'm not sure what I wore this time last year because there isn't really anything in my closet.  The Brandon would disagree.  But really, it's kind of bare. Lot's of v-neck pocket t's and a couple blazers. You can only do so much with that.

While I'm in the big city, I'm hoping to try on some of these:

find it here

I don't really think that tangerine is going to be my color but I sure would love a colored skinny for summer. I feel as though it would enhance my fly-ness by a couple of points.  So would  fresh wedge and a few breezy tops.  I don't think that's asking to much?  

I also don't think it would be asking to much for a Trader Joe's to come to Greenwood.  

I saw this on a WW blog I follow today and I really really really want some.  You can learn more about it here. Maybe I can copycat the recipe.  Can't be to hard, huh?  Any suggestions?  

OK, well that is all.  I'm out.  And I'm going on blog spring break next week.  Got some things going on and need my focus to be spot on.  So ya'll have a good weekend and week next week!  

Peace out!  


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