A Few on Friday!

Hey hey hey!  I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  From blogger spring break 2012 that is.  Did you miss me?  I missed you, that's for sure.  

And I also changed the header up there at the top.  What do you think?  I'm afraid that it makes this look like a grief recovery website.  And that's not really the look that I'm going for.  But for realz...let me know what you think.  

And I'll let you know what I think about this:

What's that you ask? Why it's only the finest BBQ in all of the land.  Now, I know those can be fighting words.  People get real buck about their BBQ.  But srsly.  This stuff was legit.  

I'm in Natchez right now at a social work convention and treated myself to this meal the first night I was here.  Worth every bite, it was, and I almost cried when it was all gone.  And let's all take just a second to chuckle about the fact that I ate this manly meal all by myself.  I even lingered to finish my cold beer because everyone else's food smelled so dang good. If you're ever in Natchez, put the Pig Out Inn on your list.  You will not be sorry.  

Natchez is such a quaint little town.  With quaint little sunsets.  

As quaint as it is, I'm sure ready to be back home.  And I won a petunia as a door prize so I'm ready to get that home and watered as it is looking a little peeked.  

Can't have a peeked petunia on my porch.  

Happy weekend!  

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