Hotter Than Hades

Running is all the rage right now.  

Some people saying it's a trend and will go the way of yoga and knitting, but I disagree.  

I like this new trend.  I like driving down the road in Greenwood and seeing people moving and shaking and getting all in shape.  

Exercise is a good thing.  Exercise has whip-ass benefits not only for physical health but for emotional health as well.  It makes me feel powerful.  And it's free.  And it's good for promoting mindfulness as you can only be successful if you take things one step at a time. Literally, one step at a time.  I love that!

Yes, I believe the delta is getting in shape.  One person, one step at a time.  We've got the Viking Half Marathon, 300 Oaks, Bikes Blues and Bayous, the Cotton Classic 10 K, and now the Hotter than Hades Tribbet Half Marathon.  

Wait what was that last one?  Yes.  A half marathon in Tribbet.  That same road that we Delta folks have driven about a thousand times.  Can I tell you how many Saturday's were spent out there?  Love it.  Very full circle.  

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  1. I was so shocked when I saw a tweet about there being a half marathon in Tribbett. I was like, really? Tribbett, MS??? LOL!

    I agree! It is so exciting to see running taking off in the MS Delta!