Just Another Sandwich

The week started with a sandwich, let's end it with a sandwich.  In fact, let's end it with almost the same sandwich that happened on Monday.  I love the concept of full circle.  I also love the concept of awesome.  This sandwich....it was awesome.  You'll love it. I did.  And Brandon did.  He proclaimed it the best sandwich ever.  

And what's not to love?  Cheesy, crispy, tasty, the bomb.  Perfect for a relaxing lunch. I want one every day.  I just might start transporting my panini press to Ruleville.  Because that wouldn't be a pain. 

All of this talk of sandwiches I just have to ask.  What's your favorite way to do this lunch time classic?  

Turkey, Bacon, Ranch and Cheese Panini

3 3/4 oz of wheat french bread (I sliced up a loaf and tore the soft part out before I weighed it)
1 oz of deli turkey
1/2 oz of pepper jack cheese
2 slices of cooked turkey bacon
1 1/2 tsp of ranch dressing

Layer all ingredients, grill until it reaches desired done-ness.  

Makes one serving
Points plus 12 

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