Lillo's Pizza

Three days, two pizzas.  Gettin' crazy over here!

If you've spent any time in Washington County, chances are you know about Lillos.  And if you know anything about Lillo's, then chances are you know about their pizza.  

When Brandon and I go, we usually get a pizza as an appetizer (fat kids).  Most of the time, it's topped with sausage and onions.  It is so good. Like, all is well with the world good. 

What would make things even better with the world is if we could figure out exactly how they make it.  For starters, I'm pretty sure they don't use a store bought crust and jarred sauce but whatever.  Also, I'm pretty sure that there's some cheddar cheese on that pizza.  

Here's our sad attempt at a recreation. It was good, but no Lillos.  I'm trying it again with that good crust I discussed Tuesday, better sauce, and maybe some input from someone that knows what they are doing.  If that's you, please enlighten me!

My version:  crust, sauce, sharp cheddar, a little mozzarella, pepperonis, onions.  It's still got a ways to go but it's a good start.  

How do you take your homemade pizzas?


  1. Might I recommend the Chef Boyardee pizza? It all comes in one box! I will admit there are alot of things I used to eat as a kid that I will never eat again. However, I still love a good chef boyardee pizza. I just add ground sausage & it is delish. And I think it only cost about $1.50 for a box. Bonus! XOXO

  2. I am not successful with homemade pizza, so I won't even go there...but have you had Lillo's breakfast pizza? I had one on my last trip to Leland. We took one home the night we went to Lillo's and had it the next morning. If you haven't had the pleasure, you should try it next time!