The Right Tunes

I got back and forth on the running with music.  Love it, don't love it.  It helps, it distracts.  Makes the time go by faster, makes the time drag.  

My recent routine has been short runs - silence; long runs - music.  This routine is one that I'm enjoying.  The silence on the short runs gives me time to reflect, get thoughts together, and be with the birds and shiz. The music on the long runs gives me something else to think about besides the fact that I've been running for a freaking hour.  

With this half marathon looming in the not so distant future, it's time to start thinking about the perfect playlist.  The perfect playlist is one that can pump me up while keeping me calm and help me focus while not being the only thing that I focus on.  Additionally, I've recently learned that the country music half marathon is 13.1 miles of pure fun.  There are supposedly lots of musicians set up along the route so I might want to switch my focus to them and not even fool with the playlist. But I still want to have it just in case.  

So here's what I got so far:

Spoon :: The Beast and Dragon, Adored 
Drake :: Make Me Proud
Jack White :: Love Interruption
M.I.A. :: Bingo
Phantogram :: Don't Move
Mumford and Sons :: Roll Away Your Stone
Paul Simon :: You Can Call Me Al
Pinback :: Penelope
The Police :: So Lonely
Salt n Pepa :: Whatta Man 
Savage feat Soulja Boy Tell'em :: Swing
Toad and the Wet Sprocket :: Walk on the Ocean
Waka Flaka :: No Hands
Ciara :: Ride
The Civil Wars :: Barton Holllow
Spoon :: Anything You Want
SBTRKT :: Wildfire
LCD Soundsystem :: I Can Change
Phish :: Cavern 

It's pretty schizophrenic and is by no means the final list. The order needs some for sure work and there's just lots more to think about.  

So give me your song suggestions!!!  What gets you moving? 


  1. robyn body talk is the best ever

    1. Sweet, thanks! I know I was a huge fan of "Show me Love" in the 90s....