A Change Will Do You Good

I got some snake skin flats.  

And some violet jeans. 

And a few new tops from target.  

And nine inches cut off of my hair.

Wait, what?  Yeah.  It needed it.  Bad.  Looked like a cat had been chewing on my hair.  

Here's the before: 

I mean seriously.  Look at those ends.  What the hey.  

Here's the inspiration:

Hey Heidi.  What up.  Who does your hair, girl? 

Heather-my-hair-stylist seemed a little nervous about the picture that I'd brought.  I can be a little delusional about the abilities of my hair.   

Once she checked out my picture, she relaxed and said this bob was a possibility. 

So here's the after: 

Hey, bob! 

So there's my bob!  My change...it did me good.  I've got to learn how to use a round brush and actually fix my hair now, but I think I'm up for the challenge.    

There's something about shaking things up that is good for the spirit.  New clothes, a hair do, snake skin flats, a fresh eye brow wax, a new coat of paint on a wall, a different bottle of wine than you are used to.  So go ahead...change something!