A Few On Friday

So Wednesday night I sliced off half of the tip of my finger trying to slice some garlic.  But I'll tell you more about that another day.  

Since the left milddle finger is essential in typing correctly, this post is going to be made up of lots of pictures....

Hunting and pecking is absolutely for the birds.

Here are the Easter Eggs we dyed at work!  Fill a cup about half full of water, add about a tsp of vinegar and a few drops of food coloring and viola!!!  Colorful and happy...these make me grin.


And these make me grin.  But in a the wants kind of way.  

find them here

I'll also take a few of these....

find it here

I totally have the wants today.  I guess its because I'm missing part of that finger and am therefore feeling very unfulfilled.  

Ha no.  That's not it.  Its because I have no spring clothes or jewelry because I'm to cheap to spend money on new clothes or jewelry.

If you submitted me to be on What Not To Wear...I wouldn't be mad.  I'd happily take that new wardrobe and hairdo.  If you would have seen what I wore to work yesterday then you wouldn't be sitting here reading this...you would be filling out the application for me.  Seriously...it was absolutely that bad.  

Well so much for all pictures, no words.  

I'm off to hunt and peck some more.  

Have a happy happy Easter!!  

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