A Few on Friday

Soooooooooooo not to be annoying but there's still time to donate to the children.  You know, the children of St. Jude? So just click on that underlined link...if you feel led!  

So the children of St. Jude make me think of the country music marathon, which makes me think of running, which makes me think of my plan for tomorrow.  Running in my very first race ever!

Figuring that a half marathon with 30,000 participants might be a bit much for my first ever race, I decided to sign up for this one.  Very excited!  There are hills in Starkville, so I'll be able to be at least slightly prepared for how hard my butt will be kicked in Nashville.  Pray for me, ya'll.  

There's a pretty gnarly storm predicted for tomorrow, so that's something else to think about.  

Storms make me think of outside which makes me think of mosquitoes which makes me want to get some of these:

Mosquito repelling plants! Gotta get me some.  Brandon did a killer job of cleaning off our little brick patio yesterday and I can't wait to do some serious sitting out there.  Unfortunately, we have mosquitoes the size of bats so it's always necessary to have a good plan in place.  Maybe these plants + deet + a mosquito net might do the job.  And maybe a few frogs.  According to yahoo, they eat mosquitoes.  



  1. Rock it out tomorrow!! Frida will be waiting on you to celebrate!

    1. Thanks thanks! Good luck to you too! Get your warrior on!