It Takes a Village: Operation Recover the Ottoman

PTL for helpful friends.  And a spirit of adventure.  And cocktails.    

These things came together recently to form a little something that I like to call Operation Recover the Ottoman.  

What follows is something that is kind of like a tutorial.  Or not.  You probably shouldn't expect to learn much from this. But you might...if you can use your imagination.  

I was so pleased that my friends Win, Lauren, Swayze, and Loren came to help recover the dragonfly beast of an ottoman.  Partly because I had no clue what I was doing, but mostly because I just enjoy their company.  We gabbed for a little while, ate lasagna, and had just enough drinks to not worry about messing up.  

I started out with 3 yards of home decor fabric.  This was more than enough for our ottoman which measures about 65 inches by 45 inches (with the tape measure whipped around the sides...does that make sense?)  I also took this opportunity to buy myself a 14$ staple gun from the Wal Mart.  Heck yeah.  

Since I did not remove the original fabric, I scrounged up a few yards of white fabric that I had laying around to make sure that the red did not show through.  We spread the home decor fabric wrong side up on the ground, centered the white fabric where we wanted it, and flipped the ottoman on top of that.  After unscrewing the legs, it was time to trim up the fabric to a more manageable size.  When you trim up the fabric, make sure there's enough to still cover the piece.  Duh.  Captain Obvious, here.  

OK.  So there really aren't any more pictures of the process so this is where you'll have to use your imagination.  

The first thing we (or rather, they...I was kind of standing back at this point) did was cover the short sides.  All we did was pull the fabric up really really tight and staple it in place.  

For the long sides...you, um, just do it like you are wrapping a present. You know....wrapping the short sides of the present?  

Annnnnd that's the best example I have of it.  Just fold it in, then whip the flap up and staple that flap.  I swear it will make sense when you do it.  And if it doesn't work then just pull the staples out and give it another shot.  

Screw the legs back it, make sure there's no rogue pieces of fabric hanging down, and place it in its new home. 

Ta dahhh!  

The room is already so different.  Especially since that rug is gone.  Lauren suggested that we stick it with the rest of our Christmas stuff...

I made the pillows for the couch in, no lie, a matter of minutes using this tutorial.  

Now all we need is a rug (I'm thinking two runners bumped up side by side), a pillow for the WBC (possibly a really big Euro with a monogram) and a tray for the ottoman (lucite, baby) and I'll be happy as a clam in this room. 

By George, I will make this rental house a home....

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