Reeses' Eggs

Time it is a flyin' by.  It's already freaking April!  Crazy town.  

With all of the running and the going and the doing, it's easy to wonder where it's gone and what you've done.  You feel tired, disconnected....living for the next weekend and wishing for a a longer break.  

This is why sometimes, you just have to take a time out and make a homemade Reeses Egg.  

And then you realize that the stuff that you bog yourself down with really doesn't matter all that much.  What matters is doing the things you enjoy, enjoying the things you do, being with your people, trying the recipes that you've pinned to your "sweets" pinterest board

This is life, people.  

Taking time to stop and try the Reeses eggs.  

You can find the recipe here. They were pretty tasty!  If I made them again, I would do less powdered sugar and more peanut butter.  

I would probably always do more peanut butter.  Just as a general rule.  In every situation.

How will you slow down this week?  

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