A Weekend in Starkville and the Cotton Mill 5 K

Happy Monday guys!  Hope you had a sweet weekend.  I know I did.  I traveled to Starkville and put in some QT with the Cougle family.  They are pretty awesome. So are tricycles.  

Doing a bit of exploring. 

Trying to convince me to ride on the back of her tricycle.  

Sisters. Can't live with em, can't live without em. 

Entertaining the idea of walking.  And rockin' that wavy hair.  

Despite the chilly chilly weather, the Cotton Mill 5 K and Cotton District Arts festival were lovely.  Family, running, and art buying...three sure fire ways to have an awesome day.  

Alex, Jennifer, and my dad came to support.  Here's a little pre-race family picture. Alex was dressed the part in her hot pink MSU track suit.  Get it, girl.  

You know I'm happy when I do buck teeth.  Don't believe me? Go look at our wedding pictures.  

In all fairness, I was waving real big to Alex.  

And here's proof that I didn't run into a building after the first hill. If you can, please take note of the 9 boy scouts screaming WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAATER!!!!  Apparently, there is some type of a hydration patch.  And they were all going for it.  

Congrats, Starkville, on being really cute and hosting really cute festivals.  And congrats to my calves for not quitting on me.  


  1. i love love love that second to last picture. you are too cute. victory! very inspiring.