A Few on Friday

Hap-hap-happy Friday!  And happy birthday to sweet as pie Mary Kenway!  She is an angel baby and she is turning one today.  Here's a pic that Jen put of her on the FB this morning:

I die.  She is presh.  Can't wait to celebrate her with burgers and baked pimento cheese dip!

Speaking of celebrating, happy Mother's day to all you mothers. In celebration, here's my mother's day gift to all of you.  The AFP Mother's Day slide show.  Click here for some Friday morning goodness.  I love awkwardness. Unless it's me being awkward.  That's no fun.   

OK so here's my mother's day gift to me:

I'm not a mother per se but I have put a lot of time and effort and love into raising some Zinnia's from seeds.  I feel like that deserves a mini skirt.

And perhaps a large bag:

find it here

I do have all of that fabric leftover from making the ottoman.  Who doesn't want a tote bag that matches the furniture?

Fun-sponges.  That's who.  

But yous guys aren't fun sponges, y'all are awesome!  So go ye forth and own this beautiful Friday!   

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  1. lol @ "fun sponges". i like that almost as much as "emotional vampire".