A Few on Friday

Hey y'all, sup!  Hope it's a good day so far. 

I'm just sitting at my desk having myself a lean cuisine.  This is not the most exciting thing in the world  but not the least exciting thing, either.

Something that is pretty exciting: Brandon and I have begun planning a trip to Brevard, NC in June.  We've booked a tour with Pure Vida Adventures and the wanna be outdoorsy gal in me is super, super stoked.  Now if only people will stop contracting flesh eating bacteria in the Carolinas. 

find it here

I love how the person in the front of the canoe looks slighly terrified.  That will probably be me.  I wonder if I'll be required to wear a helmet? I should maybe always wear a helmet.

Alright, I'm out.  Ya'll have a good weekend! I'm hoping to do some cleaning and some organinzing and some sewing

and some planting and some reading and some hanging out with my cute husband. 

All of these things make me very very happy.

And you make me happy, dear friends!  Have a great weekend!  

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