A Few on Friday

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I've got a three day one coming up...fired up doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about it. 

I'm going to celebrate by making homemade ice cream and ribs.  In an attempt to crawl before I ball, said ribs will be made in the oven using this ribs recipe.  Said ice cream will be made using an ice cream maker.  But you probably assumed that. 

In celebration of Memorial Day weekend, I'm wearing my new favorite shirt.  It's crisp. It's white.  It screams summer.  You should get one.  And I should probably get another one.  Wanna split shipping?

Find it here

Buying a bunch of shirts in the same color is kind of the laziest shopping move you can make.  Almost as lazy as my half-a attempt to plant wild flowers this week.  I just sprinkled them on the ground and sprayed them real good with the water hose.  I figure that if they're supposed to grow then they will grow.  It's up to nature now. 

So i finished my tote bag!  How J are you of my tote bag that matches my furniture?  This might be able to be described as "hokey."

This is the pattern that I used.  Super simp.

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!  Hope it's a great one.   

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