Going Greek

No, it's not time to pledge KD again.  We all know how well that went for me.  Kidding, sisters.  Kidding. 

Let's chat about Greek yogurt!  I picked this up after Chickey proclaimed that it tastes "just like blueberry muffin batter." 

Duh.  I love blueberry muffin batter. No brainer. 

I was happy to throw it into my lunch sack 'o goodies...who doesn't love a little three point goodness?  

I'm in. Full throttle.  

Except for it doesn't taste just like blueberry muffin batter.  It tastes, instead, like Greek yogurt with blueberries in it.  Which is OK, too.  I had a raspberry one that I was going to try but a large rat ate it.  Or my husband ate it. One of the other.  

So here's to Greek yogurt!  O-pah!  Isn't that what they say?  Mary Straton?  A little help here?  She's got some Greek in her, guys, that's why I'm asking.  

And forgive my lack of organized thoughts or posting this week.  I did what my priest told me (or us, the congregation) and went where I felt led this weekend.  This means that I had dinner with family and attended a pool party instead of organizing blog posts.  Watch out, kids.  It's getting wild and crazy over here....    


  1. The reason it doesn't taste like blueberry muffin batter is because you got the wrong brand. Oikos is the muffin batter goodness.

  2. oh dear. you must try the blood orange flavor. seriously. it changed my outlook on life.
    Or at least lunch.