Me and My Milk Frother

There are certain times in life that I'm always going to panic. 

At the dentist.

Walking into a party by myself.

In line at Starbucks.  

Latte.  Grande.  Pump.  Venti.  Misto.

What does that mean?  And why do they look at me like I'm stupid?  I'm not stupid!  I just don't know how to speak coffee shop.

Luckily, I don't have to deal with this a lot since there isn't a starbucks any where near me.  Unfortunately, this means that it can be tough to find an early morning fancy cup of coffee.  Our local bookstore makes a great one (and they are nice and speak like normal people) but they aren't open when I leave for work, so that's out.

So, the only thing left for a gal to do is to head to her local kitchen supply shop and purchase a milk frother.    

Come on over and join me for some coffee!  I like to steam 1/3 of a cup of milk (1 pp) and add it to a cup of coffee with splenda.  Hey there, happiness!

What's your source of morning happiness?  

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