Being a vegan would just not work for me.  Not now, not ever, no thank you.  This girl loves dairy way to much. 

Truth: I never met a cheese I didn't like. I have an uncontrollable urge to smother most things in it.  

This is difficult for a gal like myself who counts the WW points.  

Thank goodness for the good people at Sargento

Oh hey super skinny cheese slices.  Let's be best friends. 

This all started when I got myself a loaf of fresh bread from the Mockingbird Bakery. Rosemary garlic to be exact.  A bread that good can't be dressed with some ratty 2% processed shiz.  Oh no.  It's needs the real deal.  Some legit cheese.  

These slices are full fat, just sliced much thinner so they are less offensive on the fat, calorie, etc.  A serving size is listed at 3 slices for 3 pp, I assume that it breaks down into 1 slice for one point.  I'll take it.  Please and thank you.  

And for those of you keeping track...this is how it broke down:

2 slices of rosemary garlic sourdough bread (or other good bread) 4 pp
2 slices of ultra thin Swiss cheese 2 pp
1 slice of deli turkey 1 pp
spray butter 0 pp

Spray the slices with butter, layer the ingredients, grill in a non stick pan.  

Enjoy this 7 pp hunk of toasty and cheesy goodness! 

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  1. i also recently bought the skinny cheese slices. my only complaint is they molded very quickly.