A Few on Friday

For starters, guys, go download the new Jack White album. Do it now, I'll wait on you.  

Got it? Good.  Let's move on. 

How are 'ya?  Me, I'm good!  Glad to have survived the gnarly storms that passed through the delta yesterday. Turns out, God was looking out for us as our house was narrowly missed by this bad boi: 

Brandon snapped this pic and sent it to me while I was at work.  By the time I got home, it was all gone and cleaned up, save some small branches. This is reason number 457 that the City of Greenwood is awesome.  

So.  I purchased a fat quarter bundle today.  Which is really a nerdy thing to say.  Almost as nerdy as this:

I'm going to make a quilt and I'm super super excited about it. 

The fabrics will look a little bit like this:

find it here

You want one?  Maybe I'll become a professional quilter.  Quit my day job.  Live my life among a pile of fabric scraps and straight pins.  Just me and my ipod, sewing away.  

Sounds a little dreamy.  

Speaking of dreamy, Brandon and I will be leaving soon for a trip to North Carolina.  We'll be stopping in Athens on our way there.  Won't you give me a restaurant recommendation if you have one?  Brandon wants to stop, I'm assuming to see the football field.  I love any opportunity to split an app and drink a beer on a college town.  Who's with me?? 

Happy weekend kids.  Be safe, have fun, keep it real!   

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  1. My mom in law has started quilting and would love to help if you have an questions. I'll ask Clif if he has any Athens suggestions. He loves that place!