A Few on Friday

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  Hope you are well and happy and geared up for your weekend.  I know I sure am.

Soooooo.  I'm making some strides on my quilt.  

I'm going to be doing a tutorial/quilt along with me/way to help me remember how I did this series starting Monday.  Be excited kids.  Be excited.  I'm proud of this little gal so far.  My squares aren't quite even; this is something that one of the tutorials warned against.  They said that if your squares aren't even, then your quilt will look "amature." Whoops.  Aaaaaaand I got invited to join the MS Quilters Association yesterday. So there's that. 

And there's also the fact that the Flaming Lips are coming to Clarksdale in a few weeks and I JUST SCORED TICKETS!

My boss was kind enough to let me scootch over to Clarksdale real quick and get them, it was my first time to Ground Zero and it made me even more excited!

Go on with your new, hip self Clarksdale.  While I was there, I stopped off at the Oxbow Market. I've heard they have the best fish tacos ever, of course I had to see for myself. 

I'm not sure about ever, but they were the best fish tacos that I've ever had.  Sweet Lord, they were good.  And I heard while I was there that there's all kinds of other stuff in Clarksdale.  Galleries and bakeries and hip stuff like that.  I feel a day trip coming on soon.  If anything, just to eat the tacos again. 

One more thing, since we're talking so much Delta love today.  Turnrow Books is hosting griller extraidinare Adam Perry Lang out at Tallahatchie Flats from 5 - 7 this evening.  There will be music and sample plates and lots of good times.  Come on out! 

Happy weekend, kids!!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh, Clarksdale is such a gem! We love it & to quote Jeremy, "Clarksdale is the coolest place I have ever been in MS." Well said, husband. Well said. Such character! AND so jealous about your tickets- the Jackson show sold out during the presale. Stupid presales!

  2. hit up yazoo pass next trip--so good! we're also going to that show. y'all stick around and visit!