A Few on Friday

Hey party people!!  Who's pumped about Friday?? Me!  Meeee!

Here are a few instagrams from this week that are making me happy...

My quilt is all basted and ready to be quilted!  I'm at a standstill right now as I had to order a walking foot for my machine.  I tried to do it with my regular foot but it turned out to be a big hot mess.  But I didn't pull the big hot mess stiches out because I figured it is all just part of my learning curve.  Do you have any idea what any of this means?  Yeah, I don't really either.  Still having fun though!  

I fill in at a clinic in Charleston sometimes.  I was there this week and we offered this craft as a therapeutic exercise to reinforce the material that we were discussing.  It's celery stalks dipped in paint to make flowers.  How cool? 

I have a little patio pot garden that I'm real proud of.  I've got a tomato plant, some mint, cilantro, and basi and a creeping petunia.

The petunia has been killed and brought back to life several times.  She's a survivor, she's not gone give up, she will survive, she will work harder.  Destiny's Child, anyone? 

I like to sit out amongst it while enjoying a Sweet Water Blue.    

You know what rhymes with blue?  View.  And here's my view from my desk chair.  And here's my brand new water bottle.  I got it in NC for the rafting adventure and I'm tickled to death about it.  Why?  Because I left my other one in Chickey's car and because it makes me drink oh so much more water.  And with temps like this, we should all be drinking more water. 

Seriously guys.  Loving this instagram business.

What's up with you this weekend?  I got a grill for my birthday from my mom.  B and I are going to get it put together and get to grilling.  I see lots of googling in our future, neither one of us are skilled in this area.  We'll figure it out.  I have hope for us.  Your tips, however, would be appreciated.  You've got until mid-afternoon on Saturday to share your secrets.  I mean, or whenever. I'm just guessing that it will start going down around then.  

Well I guess that's it.  At this point I'm just avoiding drying my hair and making my breakfast burrito.  My ability to piddle in the morning is kind of amazing...

I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. speaking of instagram, do you have an iphone? well if you doooooo, you should download the free app postalpix. it lets you choose from all your pictures (including the square instagram ones) and they'll send you prints (IG ones cut square, which i love) in the mail! and it's pretty cheap!