A Few on Friday

Hi-ya there internet friends!  Hope this post finds you happy and healthy and raising the roof. 

Speaking of raising the roof...I have found the coolest thing to happen to food storage containers, since, well, ever.  I don't know much about the history of food storage containers so I can't speak much more on that.  But I can speak on these:

Look closely.  Can you see it?  That little tiny cup that is snapped into the top?  Genious!  This way, I can keep my double bean burger (look for that next week) and my avacado basil sauce seperate from each other without a lot of extra fuss.  If you've seen the amount of gypsy packrat-ness that I carry with me to work, you would appreciate the no-extra-fuss portion of this.  And what's that behind the DBB?  Why, it's a salad.  With the dressing not already on it  Seriously guys, this is good stuff.  

You know what else is good stuff?  Oikos Black Cherry Greek yogurt.  A while back, Chickey recomended the bluberry version.  It's good, for sure, this is even better.  What's better?  I can eat it for breakfast (3 pp) and it holds me into my mid-morning snack.    

Do you see how the light is shining on it?  It's a divine breakfast. A gift from the heavens.   

Since we're on the topic of good stuff, here's some music good stuff.  I was rooting around on the www yesterday and came across the KEXP youtube channel.  From what I can tell KEXP is a super rad radio station based out of Seatle?  Yes, I think so.  And since it's Seattle, you know it's as hip as skinny jeans on guys and LCD Soundsystem.  What's even cooler is that the radio station streams live.  Go check it out at this website.  My ears will probably be tuned in for most of the day. 

Back to food for a minute, because I guess that's where my mind is today, but I really really really want this for lunch.

You can find the recipe here, make it this morning, and bring it to me in Ruleville.  Thanks,  you're a peach.  

Mmmmmm.  Peaches.  

Love you all, happy Friday!

Guys, spell check isn't working.  So, sorry if this was painful.   

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