The Flaming Lips Come to Town

Sometimes, when you sit quietly and wait patiently, extremely cool things happen right in your usually music quiet back yard.  Or in the next town over, rather.  

This is exactly what happened last night when the Flaming Lips descended upon Clarksdale, MS to try to break the world record for playing the most concerts in a 24 hour period.  Visit this site for some live feed action. This record, it's worth mentioning, was previously held by Jay-Z.  To know me is to know that I love Jay Z.  But Flaming Lips, yeah I'll take them too.  Heck yes.   

Very very very cool to see such a huge rock and roll band in such a cool setting.  

Gary Clark Jr was the opening act.  He's good stuff, check out his website here. And go listen to this song.  

Me and the mister.  

Live music. And a large stick. 

Wayne Coyne and the dude from the Guinness Book of Records. 

My perfect evening?  Spending time with friends and hearing really really good music.  Done and done.  Perfect evening.  Thanks, Flaming Lips, for bringing it down south.  

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  1. it was good to see your crew! what a fun night! all my pics are sooo blurry though. but i have the memories~~~