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Hi!  Welcome to part four of the let's try to figure out how to quilt party. 

I'll apologize in advance, I don't have any pictures for this section because I really got into the zone and didn't take pictures as I was going along!  Also, I can't find much information on this process on the WWW.  Probably because I'm doing it completely wrong and making up my own version!  Carry on. 

Soooo you should have your quilt squares / pieces cut out and organized in a fashion that suits you.  It's now time to sew together your quilt top.  My quilt is 12 rows of 10 squares so I had 12 stacks of 10 squares.  To start sewing, alls you do is take your first square and set it right side up; take your second square and place it right side down atop your first square.  Sew them together using the seam allowance of your choice.  Keep repeating this until you've sewed your ten squares into a nice little row.

Take your nice, neat little row over to the sewing board and press all of your seams over to one side so that they are all laying flat and facing the same direction.  

Meanwhile, back at the machine, take your next stack of squares and sew them just like you did the first stack.  After this stack is done, head on back to the ironing board and press all of your seems in the opposite direction that you pressed your first row.  So your seems will be facing the opposite direction for each row.  This will reduce bulk.

At this point, you can sew your long rows together.  Just lay them out right sides together, give it a few pins, and sew away.  I sewed each row to the quilt as I finished it because I liked watching my quilt grow!  

Let's jump back to seams for a second.  You'll have seems from where you sewed the rows together, press those down facing the opposite of each other, just like you did your quilt square seams.  Does that make any sense at all?  You got this.  

There are tons and tons and tons of different quilting patterns, i.e. ways to cut your fabric and get it sewn together.  All that really matters is that you get your fabric sewn together neat and nice and in the size that you want it.  

Happy quilt top sewing!

Just some random quilt inspiration:

Find it here 

find it here

Happy quilting dude-ettes!  Or dudes!  But I figure I have more of a dude-ette readership thing happening.  Don't forget to check out the rest of this series if you're interested!

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