Quiltin' Stuff :: Part One :: Pickin' Stuff

I'm kind of a jack of all trades, master at none kind of gal.  

Whatever.  It works.  If ever trapped inside my house for 8 days I'd have a few things to keep me entertained.  

So my most recent trade I'm trying to become a jack of is quilting.  Because, well, why not.  I've got some free time on my hands, might as well use it. 

My desire to learn quilting is based on two things:  I love fabric and I love to make meaningful things for people  Quilting can meet my fabric love needs as you get to use tons of different fabrics in one project.  It meets the love of functionality and meaning need as quilts can keep you warm and make you feel special.  Lots of love goes in to making one.  Lots of love goes into making dresses and rompers, too, but I love knowing that someone is wrapped up safe and snugly in something that I made for them. 

So, join me as I quilt.  I'm getting my information from YouTube and from quilting blogs, I'll link to them often!  And be patient, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  Who knows what's going to happen in this process! But I'm having fun though.  And isn't that what matters?  Yes.  That's what matters.  

Lets get started, kids.  

Part One :: Pick Your Fabric

I've been sitting on a gift certificate for quite some time to Harthorne Threads.  I've saved it because I wanted to be selfish and use it on something just for me.  I was cruising their website a few weeks ago and clicked on the section of pre-cuts.  And then I spotted it:

The Lark fat quarter bundle in Glamour.  After I spotted it, I bought it.  Then after I bought it, I figured I should learn how to quilt.  This is often my mixed up thought process.  

It's important to mention that upon ordering this, I wasn't real sure what a fat quarter bundle was.  I've since learned that a fat quarter is a piece of fabric cut from a yard that measures 22 x 18 with the selvage on one side.  You can read more about it here.  In this case, a bundle was 12 fat quarters but I'm sure that varies from place to place.  I figured this was enough fabric to make a pretty decent size quilt and I was right.  Lots of fabric shops have bundles put together of coordinating fabric so it's easy to just get one of those.  Rest assured, it will match and look awesome!  

While ordering your fabric you might want to make sure that you order additional fabric for your quilt backing and the binding.  I took a guess and ordered four yards of a gray solid for the backing, 1 yard of Amy Butlers Lark Glamour Souvenir Lemon Yellow for the binding, and some yellow thread.  My plan is to use the yellow thread in the bobbin.  I think that the bobbin thread shows up on the bottom of your project; this means the yellow thread will show up on the backing side, giving it a nice pop 'o color. Also, you need some batting.  I just went to my local fabric shop and told them that I was doing a quilt that was maybe going to be about 50 x 60 and they took care of the rest.  

So tune in next time as we talk about cutting stuff up!!  In the mean time, go fall in love with fabric.  Here are some of my favorite sites: 

Hawthorne Threads Super quick shipping! Great selection! And they are are husband and wife team so that's cute. 

Anna Marie Horner She is my favorite. I love her.  Well, I don't know her.  But her fabrics rock!! 

Imagine Fabrics Just stumbled up them!  Their bundles look wicked awesome. 

Ella Rose In Cleveland!  And online, too!

Fabric.com Big online store, good prices...don't have bundles but you can order by the half yard!

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  1. so glad you're learning to quilt. when i feel lower than low, i curl up in a grandma nail quilt and things instantly get better. the time they take and the comfort they give...not much can beat that.