Quiltin' Stuff :: Part Three :: Placin' Stuff

OK so now you've got all of these squares of fabric.  What the heck are you going to do with them???  You're going to place them, that's what!!

After cruising the world wide web and looking at different sources of inspriations, I decided to make my quilt 10 squares wide by 12 squares long.  This would make the quilt 50 x 60, minus a bit for seam allowances. ***This was a lot smaller than I would have liked for it to be!  It's going to be a lap quilt but I will love it regardless 

Alls I did was find a big piece of floor and start to placing.  I tried not to get to OCD with it, I only made sure that there were not square repeats on each width row.  There are some repeats on the length row but that's fine, I'll deal. 

Aside from there, there was really no rhyme or reason!  I just laid them out in an order that made me happy and called it a night. 

Soooo you are going to have some squares leftover.  Should you throw them away? NO!  You should should cut them in half, sew them right sides together in a neat little row, and somehow incorporate them into the backing of your quilt.  I've seen pictures...it works in my mind.  Remember, guys, we're learning as we're go!

So after you get everything placed, you want to pick it up and make neat little stacks.  Make sure that you have them stacked in the order that you want them and that you make note of which row is which.  Here's how I kept it organized:

Have fun with your placing of stuff! 

Here is some inspration: 

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