Skinny Mint Ginny

OK before you go any further, visit this blog and check out Lucy's progress!  And no, I don't know who Lucy is but her story is so very powerful and she and her family could use all of the prayers and support they can get!  

OK, carry on.


My kick - A husband is a lot of things included but not limited to: a student, a really good kitchen cleaner up-er, a curly headed cutie, and a master cocktail maker.  He's a master cocktail maker mainly because he tends bar at one of our local restaurants, but also because he seems to really enjoy the craft.  He loves to make a drink not necessarily to get someone loaded, but to be tasty and pretty and make them happy.  It's an art, that mixology.  

This weekend, I presented him with my desire to have a Mint Ginny.  I found it in the Delta Magazine cookbook and I just knew I had to try it.  It turned out crisp, refreshing, and lovely....such a treat on a warm evening.  

Could you die for that piece of mint skewered through that cucumber?  Love it.  

Skinny Mint Ginny
from Delta Magazine Cookbook

1 1/2 oz of good gin (I like Hendricks)
lemon-aid (sweetened with Splenda)
Sprite (or sprite zero)
1 slice of cucumber
1 sprig of mint

Place ice, gin, and lemon-aid in a shaker and shake.  It's more fun if you dance while you shake.  Strain it into a glass over ice.  Add a splash of Sprite*.  Take your slice of cucumber and cut a tiny slit with a sharp knife.  Place the mint through the slice and float it atop your drink. 

Makes one serving
Points plus 4

*You could obviously use diet sprite or sprite zero but I can't as I have an aversion to aspertame.  Gives me crazy headaches.  But it's probably a good thing as I'm pretty sure that stuff will kill you....

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