Summer Sewing

Summer sewing is my favorite.  The fabric is fun, the patterns are easy, the results are usually pretty quick.  

I spent some time over the weekend working on a summer romper for Alex.  The pattern is one bought from Brownie-Goose. Love those patterns and her witty sense of humor. She writes her patterns like she writes her blog posts; it makes for some entertaining sewing time.  


Here's how it turned out!

And here is Alex modeling.  That's Carter.  He got a fresh summer cut and now resembles a Corgie. 

Here she is proving that you can really move in this romper.  I think that's the MC Hammer but I can't say for sure. 

Aaand here we have the back view.  I think someone has modeling in their future...

Here's another quick and cute summer sewing project.  The idea came from Olive and S and is based on their Lazy Days skirt.

I made the skirt as they instructed but instead of using ribbon at the bottom, I made myself some bias tape in a contrasting fabric.  Easy as pie.  But not as tasty.  I would eat a pie.  I would not eat a skirt. 

Unless I was really really hungry.  

Happy sewing!!

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  1. cute, and i love the tags you put on your clothes. who made those?