Happy Olympics!

I love: Annie Glass, apps, camaraderie, the opportunity to dress up in a festive t-shirt and America.   

So when it came down to whether to have a little gathering for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, it wasn't "Why should I?" but instead "Why wouldn't I??!! Bring it!!!"

Well, it was brought.  And it was good.  

There were Zinnias from the yard.  And turns out, my moms fears were true...they just aren't getting enough sun so pickins were slim.  But let's not discuss such sad things. 
There were also M and Ms!  I wanted to find some red white and blue ones but couldn't.  Which I thought was strange, but whatever.  

What's not strange, though, is raspberry dark chocolate M and M's.  Hello, I love you.  

And oh, look!  A spread of food.  I love you, too.  

We have (clockwise): lemon-rosemary white bean bruschetta, french onion dip and ruffles, m and m's, and hot blueberry cheddar dip with toasty bread. That's just what we started with.  There were some hella-awesome party goers that brought onion rings, corn dip, cookies and some sort of a tomato/tomato syrup/cream cheese situation.  It was nine kinds of awesome.    
Let's break some of these dishes down.  The french onion dip?  That's a no brainier.  Just get a 16 oz carton of sour cream and combine it with an envelope of onion soup mix and call it a day. 

The bruschetta? It's almost as easy.  And just as tasty! 
So these bruschettas.  They were the business.  And point friendly!  Here you go:

Lemon-Rosemary White Bean Bruschetta
from WW Online

10 oz french baguette bread, thinly cut into 30 pieces
cooking spray
1 tsp garlic salt
15 oz canned cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
4 plum tomatoes, seeded and chopped
4 tbl uncooked red onions, minced
4 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbl olive oil
1 tbl rosemary, fresh, minced
1 tsp kosher salt 
1/4 tsp black pepper
2 tbl Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp lemon zest (or to taste)

Preheat oven to 375. 

Arrange the bread on a foil lined baking sheet and lightly coat both sides with cooking spray.  Sprinkle top side of bread with garlic salt.  Bake until bread is crisp and lightly browned, about 5-10 minutes. 

Meanwhile, combine the remaining ingredients (except for cheese and lemon zest). Mash with a fork to kind of break up beans.  

Top each slice of bread with a heaping tablespoon of bean mixture; sprinkle with cheese and zest.  

Serving size 1 bruschetta (makes 30)
Points plus 1

Ok so there's a point friendly app.  

Here's a not point friendly app:  Hot Blueberry Cheddar dip.  

Hold the phone.  This stuff is really where it's at.  Like slap someone good. I'm telling you.  Home girl from How Sweet It Is is an absolute genius.  


Hot Blueberry Cheddar Dip
from How Sweet It Is

8 oz cream cheese, softened
8 oz white cheddar cheese, shredded
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 heaping cup of blueberries

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Combine the cream cheese, cheddar and nutmeg.  Fold in the blueberries.  Spread into a baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. 

Bake for 30-35 minutes or until cheese is all melted and blueberries are bursting.  

Serve with toasty bread.

Hope you are enjoying the Olympics thus far!  I've gotten surprisingly interested in the archery and the long distance bike racing.  I have no idea why.  Water polo is awesome, too.  And by awesome, I mean terrifying. 

But I probably only think that because I can't really swim.  I mean, I can...but I can't. 

But that's a whole other blog post...


Art, Smart!

So my computer has come back to life.  

Instead of taking this time to run out, purchase an external hard drive and back my music up, I'm instead using it to upload the pics I've taken over the last few weeks.  

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

I should probably be backing it up right now.  But I can't.  Not when there's so much exciting stuff to blog about!  

Like this...
What's that, you ask?  

Why it's only my new piece of original art from Lauren Crosby!  How cool!!??

I ramble on and on and on about a lot of random stuff on this blog.  Half of it I remember, half of it I don't.  Well. Turns out people are actually reading.  Like Lauren, for example. 

During one of my random rambles about needing big art for our house, she took notice and shot me an email.  

It went somewhere along the lines of "Hey girl, I paint!" and I was like "Heck yeah let's do this!" 

Well, maybe that's paraphrasing a bit.  But it doesn't matter. What matters is the end result: this beautiful painting created by an extremely talented (and super nice!) artist.  Isn't that something? 
Our bedroom is pretty un-decorated.  This piece adds such an awesome bit some something extra to the space!  I love that it is neutral enough to be able to go several different directions in the future, yet striking enough to catch your eye! I'm a happy, happy girl.  The mister?  He's a fan, too.  He's more opinionated about these things that you would think, p.s.

So would you like your own piece of original art from Lauren?  Head on over to her Etsy store and check her out. 

You can also email her:


Happy day!  


A Few on Friday

Hey homies.  Happy Friday!

Hope you had a good week.  Mine was good!  I did, unforutnately, have a bout of tonsillitis that could only be cured with a mini Oreo blast from sonic. 
And maybe a round of antibiotics. 

I probably got that tonsillitis after spending the weekend with all my rowdy friends.  Although I must say, things are less rowdy now that 3/4 of them have tots.  We went to Doe's, drank Bullfrogs, gossiped visited, and generally had a large time.
Nope, not sure what's happening here.  But, if I was a betting woman, I'd bet that Clare and Kathryn are discussing something related to a baby and Lindsey is working on her hair. 

I, obviously, am just trying to dance. 

Isn't that we're all just trying to do?  

Well.  Dance and grow tomatoes.  Which I talked about last week.  I need to go ahead and build my cage / net contraption as I found this jerk-face perched on my plant this week.  
Step back, mister.  This time, I removed you with a leaf and set you (gently) in a fresh pile of dirt.  Next time, you might not be so lucky. Remember Big Browne?? 

Ok.  Enough threatening caterpillars for just trying to make it through the day.  

Any one excited about the olympics?  I am!  I am!  I'm even having a small gathering to celebrate, complete with a themed outfit and red, white and blue food.  Bam!  How's that for showing your team spirit? 

OK so it's just about time for Brandon and I to pack our bags and head to the Phish show.  Well, not really just about time but we are within the one month mark.  You know what I need?  An outfit. 
find it here

find it here

Quite different from my days of attending concerts dressed in flowy skirts and a skank - a - lank t shirt.  Sorry, again, mom and dad for that stage. But I turned out ok, right?  Right.  

Wait found one more:
find it here

Whatever I go with, gotta be cool.  Not like heady hip cool but not hot.  Because it's going to be a scorcher!

Hope you have a cooooool weekend! 



Toasted Sesame Quinoa

Quinoa.  (Keen-wah).  (I think). 

The first time I made it, it was a complete and total disaster. Like burned the meal, almost cut my middle finger off, disaster.  So much of a disaster that I was pretty reluctant to try it again.  But, then I realized that home girl from How Sweet It Is makes it a lot.  I've never tried anything of hers that I didn't like; I figured it would all be good in the hood.  

And I was right.  It was all good.  In the hood.  And the 'wood. 

Soooooo go get yourself a box of quinoa.  And then tell me what you did with it.  Inquiring minds, they want to know.        
Toasted Sesame Quinoa

1 cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed
3 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 tbl toasted sesame oil
1/2 tbl olive oil
2 cups chicken broth
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
6 green onions, sliced
2 tbl toasted sesame seeds

3 tbl olive oil
2 tbl toasted sesame oil
2 tsp soy sauce

Heat a sauce pan over medium heat and add 1/2 tbl of sesame oil and olive oil.  Add garlic and quinoa and stir to coat; toast for 3 - 4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add in chicken broth and raise heat to high, bringing the quinoa to a boil.  Reduce to a simmer and cover, cooking for 15 minutes or until water is absorbed and quinoa can be fluffed with a fork.  Whisk together dressing ingredients and set aside.  

Add in the chicken, green onions and dressing; toss well to coat.  Add in sesame seeds and toss once more.  Divide into four equal portions and serve!

Serving size 1/4 of recipe
Points plus 12


Raspberry Donuts

Happiness, for me, is a raspberry filled donut and a chocolate milk heavy from Shipley's.  

Be still, my heart. 

Let there never be any question why I need some sort of diet plan as these are the things that I love. 

Luckily, I don't live in the same town as a Shipleys.  

Luckily, I have invested in a do nut pan so that I can meet my do-nut needs in a less waist line sabotaging fashion.  

Luckily, I made that huge cake that time with raspberry jam and I discovered it's awesomeness.

Lucky gal, I am.  

Go on, now.  Bake yourself some raspberry donuts.     
Raspberry Glazed Donuts
adapted from Oh She Glows 

1 cup flour
1/3 cup of sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup of milk
1 egg
1 tbl melted butter
1/2 cup of raspberries
2 tsp raspberry jam 

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup cold milk

Preheat oven to 425.  Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.  In another bowl, combine the milk, egg, and butter.  Create a well in the dry ingredients and pour in the wet ingredients.  Combine.  

In a small food processor, combine the raspberries and the jam.  Add this mixture to the batter.  Pour the batter into a ziplock bag with one of the corners cut off.  Pipe this into donut pans that have been sprayed with cooking spray.  

Bake for 7-9  minutes or until donuts are springy to the touch.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool on cooling racks.  

Combine all of the ingredients for the glaze in a small bowl.  Dunk each donut, on both sides, into the glaze and return it to the cooling racks until glaze is set.  

Serving size 1 donut (makes 8)
Points plus 6 


Chili Beef Tacos

I've posted this recipe before.  Back in the early days of the blog, before the points changed to points plus.  I decided to make it for supper recently and found that the post / directions / point information made absolutely no freaking sense.  Sorry about that. This blog here? It's a series of trials and errors.   

I wonder if I'll be apologizing for this post in a few years? 

So these tacos, they are really where its at. You should make them for yourself, your family, your neighbor, a complete stranger.  Matters not who gets the end results, only that you give these tacos a try.  

Who doesn't love taco night?  Fools.  That's who.   

OK that might be harsh.  It's OK if you don't love taco night.  You're not a fool.  And you can still read this blog if you don't love taco night.  Unless I've offended you to the point where you've stopped reading.  In that case, I hope you'll reconsider.  About no longer reading the blog and about not loving taco night. 

Chili Beef Tacos
adapted from WW Online

2 1/2 tbl chili powder
1 tsp cumin
2 tsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 lb ground beef (93/7)
16 oz can of kidney beans, drained and rinsed
16 oz tomato sauce
16 small flour tortillas (2 pp each)

Toast the chili powder and the cumin in a large pan over medium heat.  Add the olive oil, onion, and garlic and cook until onion is soft.  Add the beef and cook until done.  Stir in the tomato sauce and kidney beans and cook for about five more minutes.  

To serve, place 1/4 of a cup of the meat into a flour tortilla.  

Serving size 2 tacos (makes about 8 servings)
Points plus 8 

Fun Fact!  Light Sour cream is 0 pp for 1 tbl.   


Meet Big Browne

I'm a renter.   I love being a renter.  Tell me  how impractical it is all you want; I L-O-V-E the fact that the massive leak under my house and the broken A/C this summer were not my problem. 

There are drawbacks, though.  Like not being able to do much about the skank-a-lank carpet and not being able to have a pet. 

The pet part, it kills me.  It doesn't kill me as much as it kills Brandon though.  That kid wants a dog in the worst way.  He gets this need met by doing a fair amount of dog sitting.  Frida comes over from time to time and Gringo was here some before he passed (may he rest). 

Well. Lately there has been a new canine visitor at our house.  

I'll start from the begining.  Brandon and I have pretty different sleep patterns.  He is a night owl while I  function obnoxiously well in the morning.  He's up late, I'm asleep early.  It was on one of his late nights that he met a new, curious fixture in our lives.  

Friends, meet Big Browne. 
I have no idea what he is, where he came from or who he belongs to.  I only know that he wanders over at about the same time everynight, ready for some A/C and a slice of deli ham. I've only been around Big Browne (yes, with an "e") twice.  The first time occured without my knowledge.  Brandon had let him in the house (yes, this creature not only comes over but also comes in) and then LOST HIM.  Just as he feared, he found BB in our bedroom, just kind of  hanging out...or preparing to eat me, whichever plot twist you prefer.

Can we talk about the size of the heart attack I would have had if I woke up, face to face with something that resembled a mix between a mastiff and a wolf?  

I was awake for my first real encounter.  I heard Brandon bounding through the house, saying "Come here boy!  Come meet Laura Merril!"  I shot up in bed with a strange mix of terror and excitement.  Then he just peaked his head around the corner, all like "Hey.  I like your house.  Thanks for the ham." His head was the size of a large watermelon, his feet resembled dinner plates.

That was it, Big Browne had my heart. 

We have a few theories as to what his story is.  I think that since it's gotten so hot, he's under a shade tree at his house during the day and on the prowl at night, looking for action.  Brandon thinks that he uses us for the ham, water and occasional A/C.  I'm sure it's a little bit of both. 

He comes in the night and leaves soon after.  He doesn't have tags but seems to be healthy.  He's stinky so he's (I hope) an outside dog.  He doesn't, fingers crossed, appear to have the rabies. 
Please note that his back is about even with the hood of my mid-sized sedan.  And that's the big mixing bowl of a set of three. 

So what does this mean?  I guess it means that we need to get a dog and stop trying to steal someone elses. 

But oh, how I love to rent. 


A Few on Friday

For starters, I have two things for you to read.  If you want to. Only if you want to. 

 The first one, it hit home.  The second one, about the Mommy Wars, I have no personal experience with but still found it fascinating. Hey, moms.  Tell me what you think. 

Friends of a Certain Age

Making Sense of the Mommy Wars

I L-O-V-E human behavior.  It's my favorite.  Along with lemon ice box pie, the book I'm reading, and sewing things.  

And trying to grow heirloom tomatoes.  

It's going OK, I guess.  I harvested the seeds (I'll tell you more about that if it works) then planted them in cleaned out K-cups.  Who knew that they make the perfect seedling planters?  Well, they do.
While we are on the topic of growing tomatoes, I need to ask you something.  If you were going to create some sort of a device to keep squirrels, cats, birds, and Brandons (kidding) out of your tomato plant, what would you create? 

I have a tomato plant that's been growing since the beginning of summer; it's HUGE and full of flowers. Fingaz crossed that they will all create fruit.  What I don't want to happen is for critters to get my Goliath tomatoes before I do.

That would rank pretty high on the list of things that are not cool.   

So, I'm thinking of building something that involves chicken wire and a net.  Or I might build a scarecrow.  Or just dress like a scarecrow. I just don't know.  What do you think?

OK so I mentioned that I love the book that I'm reading right now. What I should have said was that I love/hate the book I'm reading.  It's about knights and battles and other crazy shizz.  I can't keep any of the characters straight but I'm afraid to look online and figure it out because of spoilers.  It's also kind of gross at times, like to the point where I think I might vom.  But. 



And it's the first in a series of three, so I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next , like, 3 years. 

Ugh.  Darn you, good book. 

I can say, though, with old Dell being dead as a door nail, I've gotten lots more reading done.  I've also gotten lots more staring at Brandon done.  Win, win. 

You know what else is win, win?  A night out at Doe's with your BFFs.  Good company, good food, good stuff. 

Way pumped

Happy weekend, dear friends!  Make it a good one!


Bertha's Cheese Tart

"Excellent!  This is sure to bring rave reviews!"

That is what is proclaimed under the title of this recipe.  I can't even handle the fact that this dish is Bertha's Cheese Tart.  It's just to awesomely named not to try.

I had appetizer again for our most recent cookbook club.  I was perusing through the book, trying to pick a dish, when my mind kept going back to Bertha and her Cheese tart. 

Why?  What was the draw of this dish?  Probably the fact that when you read the ingredients, you think to yourself:

What the hell?

So you just have to try it.  Or maybe it's that tagline under the title.  Some subliminal messaging perhaps.  

Maybe, just maybe, it's because it's the first recipe in the cookbook and I'm just lazy.  

Probably a combination of all three. 

How was it?  

But good weird.  Keep coming back weird.  Savory and sweet weird.  

Give Bertha a try for yourself!  Also give these other Prime Meridian dishes a try, they all rocked to the utmost.  

Salsa Fantastico (Spicy but oh so flavorful!)
Warm Pear and Goat Cheese Salad (Awesome!  Especially the dressing.)
English Pea Casserole (Didn't expect to like this one but it was so good!)
Cajun Pork Tenderloin (So tender and the sauce was delish)
Torta D'Espresso E Cioccolata (Hello.  This was amazing. LIke there-are-no-words amazing)

Bertha's Cheese Tart
from Prime Meridian

1 cup finely chopped pecans
1 cup finely chopped onions
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup cooked chopped spinach, well drained OR 20 oz of frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed of moisture
1 8 oz package of cream cheese
1 9 oz jar of mango chutney
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground white pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp celery salt

Party crackers (Confession:  I have no clue what a party cracker is.  I used a wheat thin.  When in doubt, always use a wheat thin.)

Combine the crust ingredients.  Divide the mixture into two portions.  Press 1/2 of the mixture into the bottom of a 7 inch spring form pan.  Set the rest of the mixture aside.  

Combine all of the filling ingredients in the bowl of a large food processor.  Combine.  Spread the filling mixture atop the crust.  Using the back of a spoon, press the rest of the crust atop the filling.  Cover with foil and refrigerate over night.  

Before serving, remove the collar of the pan and invert the tart onto a serving dish.  Remove the bottom.  Chill until ready to serve.  Serve with the always mysterious party cracker.   


Baked Donuts

When I get something in my head, I can't get it out.  It's like I don't have obsessive thoughts now, but I might have obsessive thoughts as an older adult.  I'll probably require constant redirection and support.  

But for now, there not quite obsessive.  Just almost.  I see a recipe and this is what happens:


And that's how I would up making do-nuts on a Monday afternoon.  

You'll be glad though.  You'll be glad I got this do-nut pan.  I see good, good things happening with this donut pan.  Like how about a glazed cake do-nut?  Like the ones from Shipleys?  But with a friendlier points plus value?  

And yes.  I said glazed.  Here's one...hanging out in that glaze bath.  I want to hang out in a glaze bath 
Heeeeyyyy do-nut!  I <3 you!  

These could probably be considered empty calories but I really don't care.  Sometimes, you just need a cake plate full of donuts in your house! 
They make the perfect pre-zumba workout snack.  Or just a snack in general.  I'm not sure I'd trust them for breakfast.  I'm a ravenous beast in the morning...gotta have some protein!  

But for a snack?  

For sure.  That should happen.  
Baked Do-Nuts
adapted from Oh She Glows

1 cup of all purpose flour
1/2 cup of sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
a little less than 1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 tsp distilled vinegar (or apple cider)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg (slightly beaten)
4 tbl butter (melted)

1/4 cup of powdered sugar
1 tbl milk

Preheat the oven to 350.  Combine all of the dry ingredients. In a small sauce pan over low heat, combine the wet ingredients.  Heat until they are just warm to the touch.  Add to the dry ingredients.  Combine but don't over mix. 

Pour batter into a zip lock bag, cut one of the corners off.  Pipe the batter into nonstick do-nut pans.  Bake for about 12 minutes or until the do-nuts are springy to the touch.    

Place on a wire wrack to cool. 

To make the icing, combine the powdered sugar and the milk.  Place each do-nut in the icing and cover the top.  

Serving size 1 do-nut (makes 8)
Points plus 5


Squashy Joes

You know how parents sometimes hide veggies from kids in meals?  Yeah, me neither.  I've just vaguely heard of it.  I think I remember some stink involving Jerry Seinfeld's wife, a cookbook and plagerism.  

**Hold the phone.  Seinfeld's is in the spell check while pagerism is not. Am I so off on that spelling that it couldn't even recognize it or does blogger care more about Jerry than the written word?  Hmmm. Carry on.**

***Update!  It's plagiarism.  Carry on.  Again.*** 

So this is a meal where you could hide veggies.  I guess.  If you chopped the squash up real small, blindfolded your kids, and changed the name.  But if you're like me and love some summer squash, none of that will be necessary.  You can proceed as directed and go on with your bad self. 
Squashy Joes
adapted from The New Southern Garden Cookbook

cooking spray
1 medium onion, diced
2 cups of squash, diced
1 lb of lean ground beef (96/4)
1 tbl ground chili pepper
1 tsp paprika
2 tsp cumin
1 8-oz can of tomato sauce
1 cup of water
1/4 cup bbq sauce
1 tbl Worcestershire sauce
1 tbl light brown sugar (packed)
kosher salt, to taste 

Spray a large pan with cooking spray over medium high heat.  Add the onions and cook until tender.  Add the squash and cook until crisp-tender. Transfer to a medium bowl.  

Add the ground beef, cook until done.  Add in the chili pepper, paprika and cumin and stir for thirty seconds.  Add the tomato sauce, water, bbq sauce, brown sugar and combine well.  Let simmer for about 10 minutes or until the sauce thickens up.

Serving size 1/2 cup (makes about 8)
Points plus 3

I enjoyed this on some mockingbird white bread with a slice of ultra thin Swiss and a side of herbed couscous salad.

Rock on, party people.  Rock on.     


BLT Love

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love a BLT.  

Gotta be a real one though.  BLTs are go big or go home. No turkey bacon or light wheat bread.  No, no.  That's just cray.  

Real bacon!
Slicing loaf from the Mockingbird Bakery!

Heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market!
This is a Cherokee purple and it was the business.

And mayonnaise!  Ok, so I used light mayo but that's only because I used all my real mayonnaise for that macaroni salad.

And lettuce!  I just rocked a plain old head 'o lettuce.  No biggie.  

All of this comes together to make one of the top summer treats, ever.  
Happiness.  Pure happiness.  

How do you do your BLT?   

Bread: 4 pp for 2 slices
Tomato: 0 pp
Bacon: 3 pp for 2 strips
Mayonaise: Mayo heavy is 2 pp for 1 tsp, Mayo light is 1 pp for 2 tsp


A Few on Friday

Hello hello hello sweet friends!  Happy Friday!  Here are a few things...

First, the bad. 

I'm currently working through the grief process associated with the death of my computer.  There's been denial (if i keep pressing this button, I bet it will fix itself), anger (stupid PC), bargaining (OK just turn on long enough to make sure all of my pictures are safely on shutterfly!), despair (how am I going to write my blog posts or balance my checkbook??), acceptance (it is so).  A quick grief process, but a grief process none the less. 
The old girl and I were together for a little over five years; I think that's pretty good for a dell laptop.  I got her right before I moved to Greenwood.  We started the blog together, planned my wedding together, developed a pinterest addiction together.  We've had a good run.  It was an expected death but still one that I don't like.  Remember that time I was going to get an external hard drive?  Yeah.  I never did.  But the IT guy at works thinks that I can get one now and somehow extract all my music.  To know me is to know that I have a wicked awesome itunes collection; fingas crossed I can save it! 

Brandon and I are going to purchase a mac book in the next month or so.  Bare with me as we go back to cell  phone pictures of food.  Thankfully, I've got scheduled posts through next week.  And it's about right that the computer died.  A large picture fell on top of my light box and it is now slightly crushed.  Kind of a hot mess right now. 

Lesson of the day:  back your stuff up.  

Sooooo today is Friday the 13.  I am by nature kind of superstitious.  However, superstitions can make a person go a little nuts so I make a conscious effort to try to be less so.  That being said, today is the perfect day to indulge in a few old wives tales.  

For example: 

You have to burn your hair after you cut it or else the birds will take it and weave it into their nest, thus giving you horrid headaches.

If you see a spider on the morning of Friday the 13th, don't worry.  It's just a deceased loved one checking up on you.  (You wont believe me, but I swear this happened to me once.)

It's bad luck to put your shoes on a table AND to allow your silverware to cross.

To keep evil spirits away from your house, walk around your house backwards at sunset on Friday the 13 (or is it Halloween?) a few times.  (I might not have that one exactly right.)

Those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head!  Here are a few links to some others if you are interested:

Here and Here and Here

So enough about grief and Friday the 13.  How about some good stuff?  Liiiike nail polish!
I've never really been a nail polish gal.  Mainly because it would usually chip 45 minutes after painting them.  Well.  Gotta give a thanks to my girl Mary Neff for cluing me in to Sally Henson Salon Manicure Top Coat.  It is absolutely the business. I painted my nails on Sunday and it lasted until Thursday!  It could have gone past Thursday but I wanted a fresh coat to take me into the weekend. I'm not officially a fresh coat for the weekend kind of gal!  Don't get me started on the fall.  I've got a navy that I can't wait to pull out!  

Another good stuff....we McCaleb's have started recycling!
Greenwood has offered recycling services for a while but I've never known much about it.  I was educated by some friends earlier in the week and am excited to get into it.  I've got my bin for aluminum and past and my bin for mixed paper.  I'm not quite sure if I understand the mixed paper but I'm trying my best.  Feels nice to do something good for Ole Mother Earth.  If you understand mixed paper, please feel free to give me a lesson!

In movie news, I watched The Descendants last night.  I'm  usually not one to love a movie.  However, my herz-band loves a movie.  I will usually sit in there with him and read a book while he watches; last night, however, this one got and held my attention. 

It's not a feel good movie really but it's a great story of conflict and resolution and real life.  The dialogue is witty, the acting is great, the characters are real.  Two thumbs up; I'd watch it again!  That's saying a lot. 
Happy day!  Have a great weekend! I hope you rock out to this song....it was one of my way to work jams and it kind of was a morning changer.