A Few on Friday

For starters, I have two things for you to read.  If you want to. Only if you want to. 

 The first one, it hit home.  The second one, about the Mommy Wars, I have no personal experience with but still found it fascinating. Hey, moms.  Tell me what you think. 

Friends of a Certain Age

Making Sense of the Mommy Wars

I L-O-V-E human behavior.  It's my favorite.  Along with lemon ice box pie, the book I'm reading, and sewing things.  

And trying to grow heirloom tomatoes.  

It's going OK, I guess.  I harvested the seeds (I'll tell you more about that if it works) then planted them in cleaned out K-cups.  Who knew that they make the perfect seedling planters?  Well, they do.
While we are on the topic of growing tomatoes, I need to ask you something.  If you were going to create some sort of a device to keep squirrels, cats, birds, and Brandons (kidding) out of your tomato plant, what would you create? 

I have a tomato plant that's been growing since the beginning of summer; it's HUGE and full of flowers. Fingaz crossed that they will all create fruit.  What I don't want to happen is for critters to get my Goliath tomatoes before I do.

That would rank pretty high on the list of things that are not cool.   

So, I'm thinking of building something that involves chicken wire and a net.  Or I might build a scarecrow.  Or just dress like a scarecrow. I just don't know.  What do you think?

OK so I mentioned that I love the book that I'm reading right now. What I should have said was that I love/hate the book I'm reading.  It's about knights and battles and other crazy shizz.  I can't keep any of the characters straight but I'm afraid to look online and figure it out because of spoilers.  It's also kind of gross at times, like to the point where I think I might vom.  But. 



And it's the first in a series of three, so I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next , like, 3 years. 

Ugh.  Darn you, good book. 

I can say, though, with old Dell being dead as a door nail, I've gotten lots more reading done.  I've also gotten lots more staring at Brandon done.  Win, win. 

You know what else is win, win?  A night out at Doe's with your BFFs.  Good company, good food, good stuff. 

Way pumped

Happy weekend, dear friends!  Make it a good one!

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