A Few on Friday

Hey homies.  Happy Friday!

Hope you had a good week.  Mine was good!  I did, unforutnately, have a bout of tonsillitis that could only be cured with a mini Oreo blast from sonic. 
And maybe a round of antibiotics. 

I probably got that tonsillitis after spending the weekend with all my rowdy friends.  Although I must say, things are less rowdy now that 3/4 of them have tots.  We went to Doe's, drank Bullfrogs, gossiped visited, and generally had a large time.
Nope, not sure what's happening here.  But, if I was a betting woman, I'd bet that Clare and Kathryn are discussing something related to a baby and Lindsey is working on her hair. 

I, obviously, am just trying to dance. 

Isn't that we're all just trying to do?  

Well.  Dance and grow tomatoes.  Which I talked about last week.  I need to go ahead and build my cage / net contraption as I found this jerk-face perched on my plant this week.  
Step back, mister.  This time, I removed you with a leaf and set you (gently) in a fresh pile of dirt.  Next time, you might not be so lucky. Remember Big Browne?? 

Ok.  Enough threatening caterpillars for just trying to make it through the day.  

Any one excited about the olympics?  I am!  I am!  I'm even having a small gathering to celebrate, complete with a themed outfit and red, white and blue food.  Bam!  How's that for showing your team spirit? 

OK so it's just about time for Brandon and I to pack our bags and head to the Phish show.  Well, not really just about time but we are within the one month mark.  You know what I need?  An outfit. 
find it here

find it here

Quite different from my days of attending concerts dressed in flowy skirts and a skank - a - lank t shirt.  Sorry, again, mom and dad for that stage. But I turned out ok, right?  Right.  

Wait found one more:
find it here

Whatever I go with, gotta be cool.  Not like heady hip cool but not hot.  Because it's going to be a scorcher!

Hope you have a cooooool weekend! 



  1. there was a reason we wore those skanky shirts--it's cause we planned to get down! i love the picture of y'all outside of doe's. don't ever stop dancin'.

  2. I just laughed out loud. Get it ghi....